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We have added support and GameTracker art for Enemy Territory Quake Wars.

To see our full list of ET:QW servers, go here:
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We released a new (350x20) banner for you to use to show your game server today. You can fully customize the colors to personalize it. To get it, simply go to your server and click on the text that says "Click here for the code for this and other banners!" under the "Server Banners" section. We've included some themes to get you started. If you want to use your own color scheme, select "Custom" from the Select Theme drop down menu.
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GameTracker and GSC have a unified login system. If you are a member of the GameTracker community your username and password will also work with the GSC Client.

We invite you to download the latest release of GSC at

It includes buddy tracking/chat/free voice servers in 14 cities and much more. Check it out today.
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Anthony Quon
2400 Main Street Extension
Suite 12
Sayreville, NJ 08872
Phone: 973-849-0532

Game Servers Announces Beta!

Sayreville, NJ -- January 30th, 2007 - Game Servers, the world's largest game server provider is proud to announce GameTracker - advanced server statistics monitoring.

"Using our advanced server tracking software keeping track of your gaming stats has never been easier." states Dav... [read more]
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