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Aug 27, 2015 3:44 PM Charlieatlas posted a comment to Hansgermany - Hi Hans, there is no problem, but I have a proposal for you.

I am part of a group of server owner/operators (most in the top 30 on Gametracker) that have a group page where we exchange information and IDs of confirmed hackers, dupers and glitchers and would like to invite you to join our group to help defeat the cheaters, essentially by recreating the CBL from ARMA (but without the associated issues that caused so many problems in the end) and to deny them access to all our servers and potential disruption to our members gameplay.

Although Bohemia and BattlEye are doing an excellent job under difficult circumstances, they cannot react quickly enough to the constant threat of cheating. But we can and do, by timely exchange of information.

The current list of servers/providers who are with us in this project are:

Bohemia Interactive
Monster Gaming
Gents of Novo
Blue Waffle Attack Force
[GER] DayZ4All DE
Last of the Living
Oldschool Dayz Hardcore
CoRe Clan
DG Clan (Division Gaming)
North West Community Server
Grumpy PC Gamers
DadZ Army
GMBB Green Mountain Black Berets
Burt Fuggerts Boys aka Cannibals of Kamy
Musty Gaming
Konvict Gaming
ACAF (Australian Convicts Attack Force)
The Chipotle Bandits

We only ban when we have video evidence of hacking and video or screenshot evidence of duping or glitching, plus confirmation from each of our admin logs. We then post our evidence on to the new group page for approval by all and put the Steam64 IDs and/or GUIDs of the perpetrators into a master list which we all share and use (if we wish - the final choice is each server admins) to update our ban.txt lists on our own servers.

We are currently developing a dedicated secure access website and we have a web-based Master Ban List system in Beta testing, where 3 admins from each server will be allowed access, to post cheaters information and includes a complete 'chain of evidence' to ensure that a player has been banned for the correct reasons and with evidence that can be cross-checked for authenticity by any other admin in the group. In this way we will become self-policing and if any player then questions their ban, any admin can tell them and show them the exact reason why they were banned.

This group is against cheating players and cheating 'badmins' equally.

Please contact me if you are interested and would like to join and help in this endeavour.

Alan Gates
(Admin - Dayz Server Admins)  
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