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February News
Feb 2009 Update -- Posted by Lord_Barra on Wednesday, February 11 2009
Well the year has certainly turned out to be a busy one. Thankfully none of our players are victim to the floods in the north or the fires in the south east so for the most part it has been business as usual. The temperatures in the south may be responsible for a computer or two frying however…

Anyway the Battle racer comp continues to go strongly. Last night we completed the 5th of the 8 scheduled rounds, NSOF is leading the way in the team leader board by a significant margin, and NSOF Sook is sitting first in the drivers leader board, however close on his heels is nitris and madtrain from the 667th clan and the GsF clan respectively. The final three rounds will be completed this week and the winner will then be announced. After which we, Jay in particular, is looking forward to a break and getting back into normal clan life.

The heavy weapons team, competing now in the 14v14 POE2 ladder has enjoyed a win in its first game against a somewhat rival clan in DNA. The ladder has dropped significantly, only 15 ‘active’ teams remain and a few of those are expected to drop any day now. But there is still activity amongst the clans there willing to give POE2 a try.
We thoroughly enjoyed our fist game, and not because of the win. The new maps and new tactics and toys make it a refreshing change as most of us have been playing vanilla BF2 competitively now for 3 years. There are only so many times you can play karkand and think it is fun…

The Special Forces team also has enjoyed some success in the new year, however signs that it’s ladder too is failing is slowing down the activity there significantly. We hope it picks up but it probably will not. It is a bit of a shame as the mod is quite enjoyable to play and *AUS* was quite successful in it, playing in the grand final in the season just gone. Anyway only time will tell what happens to this ladder, but we will certainly be active in it until it closes (if it does).

The GS team too has recorded a win or two for our battleresults page. A relative low in new recruits has seen the team change only slightly since last season. Some of their players graduated up to our 14v14 or 10v10 as the ladder changed recently to an 8v8 lineup but for the most part the lineup remains unchanged. The ladder is quite strong over there, small relatively speaking but in its 8th season it seems always to have enjoyed loyal membership from the clans that participate, so im sure this team will be active there for some time to come.

The GA 10v10 team has a win or two on the board but recently drew two strong teams and was defeated twice on infantry type maps. Some new training has been organized to help us get back some of our squad work that vanished over the Christmas break. Still sitting as high as we are in this very strong ladder means the teams we are playing are strong and quite competitive. This is where we need to be, but a bit of effort is required to keep us there.

The 6v6 team is humming along nicely, though having squared off against aK last week and exile5 this week, we understandably have had a bit of a struggle on our hands. Prior to this we were winning every game. We don’t expect to be able to beat these teams anyway, unless with a lot of luck, but still we train so that we can be ready if that luck does come our way. Currently sitting very high on this very high ladder, and with finals lock on the horizon we are getting ready to try and cement our position in the top 8 before ladder lock.

A bunch of internal things have been going on too. We are running a little 2v2 comp on custom maps to help lift the general infantry skills of those competing and also we hosted our 2nd annual quizznight as well.

That is it for jan-feb 09.
Cya next month

Mar 13, 2009 2:53 PM
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