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1. Call of Duty 5 server:
2. Call of Duty 4 server:
3. Call of Duty 2 server:
4. Teamspeak IP: - pw: 7acrealism

more information can be found on:
Jul 02, 2008 12:36 PM
About Us

The 1stSF/SS originally started out as two teams: The 1stSF and the 17thSS.
The 1st Special Service Forces (1stSF) was founded on November 15th 2002 as an ultra-realism clan for Medal of Honor: Allied Assault named after the famed World War II unit. 1stSF was founded on the principles of real life war making. Many of its early members were ex-service men and ex/current law enforcement agents. Each member had a love for world war two and tactical game play and all came with ideas on how to make it better. 1stSF is one of the oldest and most popular world war two gaming clans on the net.

The 17 Schultzstaffel (17thSS) was started also in 2002 but the exact date is unknown. The 17thSS was started as a small group of people dedicated to the tactical cause and brought their o [show more]
World Rank
7424th out of 139907
Game Rank
Medal of Honor Warfighter 1
Call of Duty World at War 17