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Temp Site For EN Members.
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Help save the game greats like Halo,CE & Unreal.
hello, please read this & sign:
Posted by xallen   0 Comments
Apr 13, 2014 3:38 PM
Is it 50% of a goal, or a prayer? I forgot :D
Hello everyone.
Some have been asking questions about the server & my gaming mission. I'm making this post to give you the basic info, so each person has some idea of what I have planned. Everything can be subject to change, & not everything is shown here. Not only is this a dedicated game server(a heavyweight PC) on a T5/DS4(an extremely fast network connection), I have built a full business from the ground up(this is bits & pieces of an edited business proposal-so please forgive my sloppiness). The details of the business won't be revealed right now, so please don't ask. I will say however, that I have unique, promising, & inventive ideas, that no one has thought of. I'm very confident it will help out a lot of people. Keep in mind I'm about to throw around some large numbers in a min. that I'm sure will shock & awe quite a few. I don't wish for, or look at money like most. I'd rather be poor & keep my spirit/soul/gia intact, over being desensitized,blind or hateful. If I can't spend it towards something great, either with the love of a woman or with a great community-I DO NOT want it! :| Yet, I realized that my dream can come true-not because I'm selfish, but because I'm selfLESS. I've always been this way, but was blind to it because I had not evolved to a higher...area-you might say. Something that patience, compassion, humbleness, temperament & age has shown me(to say the least). And when I win the "full" love of the people, I will share this with everyone. But for now, you'll just have to deal with my game server mission & having a blast when it arrives.

The Rough Sketch.
1 Dedicated Game Server
This is not your typical $9.99 game server-IT'S A TOP DOG-& runs into the thousands per month. What this is called is "Overkill" not really, but it sounded humorous
The specs will depend on funds I can reach & availability. I do however have full intentions on giving us 1 of the top best game servers in the industry. This server is just to give you an idea. Total cost will be between $14,000-28,000 & should last us at least 5 years solidly(my a+ skills should make it last longer tho).
1 T-5(DS4) internet service
Details of speeds will vary depending on location of establishment. I'm targeting 10-20gb down & same for up(if possible). Total cost per year will be between $30,000-60,000(maybe less if I can get us a 5yr contract).
$20,000-30,000 in prizes given away throughout the entire year. 1 main prize of a $5000 PC, with 2nd & 3rd place prizes for our yearly tournament(along with 100 small prizes). 1 main VIP prize consisting of a $5000 charity giveaway, with 2nd & 3rd place prizes. And the rest will be divided throughout the year in scrims.
Practice, meet's, match's, scrim's, championships & tournaments will be the main focus. Prizes, Streams & Announcers with play by play action every weekend(in time every day).
Official Website with all the goodies needed.
Official Store with some very awesome products.
Official Sponsor or so...*fingers crossed*
10,000 slot TS3 & Ventrilo voice servers(or more if needed).
Games: Approx 35-70

I wish for each member to be greeted with mutual respect, common sense & an overwhelming barrage of activities to do within our great community. I want them to feel like they are very welcomed,special & quintessential to our community, because they are-we are-you are.
Membership fee will be in 3 phases, and will progressively decrease rapidly as the members & numbers add up.

$5 a year for phase 1. $3 a year for phase 2. & $1 a year for phase 3. Members are the only one's who are eligible for prizes & server use(there will also be promotional servers & activities that non-members will be able to use & participate in-but will be limited).

Members will be in 3 tiers.
Tier 1-Advanced
This will be for those who have paid the $5 a yr. It also gives the right to employment within the server(game admins,server admins,web designers, security, & much more).
Tier 2-Intermediate
This will be for those who have some skill, yet are unsure if they wish to just play, or help, or both.
Tier 3-Player
This will be for tho's who just wish to play & nothing more.
Total cost for the gaming community is $118,000. The total cost of the complete business is approx xxxxx yet will yield over xxxxx min each yr.

Our goal is 100k paying members(projected to be 140k in the 1st yr-according to my math-& I suck at it. lol) at $1 a yr=$100k that will go towards us & our evolution. Basically I'm fronting the cash to get us going-it's up to the members to recruit enough to pay the internet bill & prize monies for the whole year. When you really look at it-it's not as difficult as one might think-a little fraction of energy from everyone will yield major results. I will help move it along to become "self-sustaining" so all that we need to do in the future, is follow the protocols I help lay out. I'm not super book smart or street smart, I'm a good balance between the 2 & know enough. I may not know the full limits of the things I can do in this world, but this 1 goal of mine will work-I've seen it in my minds eye dozens of times & with supreme clarity. Yet, it does not work without the awesome people I see before me-that's not kissing ass-I just refuse to believe that each one of us is not capable of great things or being awesome. I will never give up on peeps-I can't. If it was not for the great things that you do & have done, I would have never seen it within myself. I truly do have luv fer ya. I can't imagine that no one can tell, based on all that I have wrote here today, & my efforts over the past 3 yrs. Each word I have shared with you in this post & in the past, should have convinced you by now of my loyalty to the people, til the day I leave everyone here,to continue my journey in the next.

I have decided to extend the deadline on opening day for the server(not by much). 3 reasons, #1-I had underestimated the total cost(I thought I could get away with a 50k deposit on everything-yeah right-maybe in my dreams), #2-the inspiration of the business aspect took over, where I have found a venue for my creativity to flow(& that's kinda real important-feel me?). #3-Believed the unbelievable...& then back to believing. It;s ok really, I learned, & that's the important part. Really the 1st yr I started Evolved Noobs, I was not at 100%. So technically I've been at it almost 2 yrs(& approx 10 of those months have been spent hammering away at CS:GO trying to get better in skill & act more professional, to attract a sponsor). It's said that if you can't make a business in the gaming world within 3 yrs, it will most likely fail. Ha Ha Ha, All I have to say to that(Know It All'S)is: "time is not even real, & neither is fear for that matter. Sorry, this is the best plan I could come up with "I wish each, & every one of you the very best & happiest New Year possible, & may you reach EVERY goal you set. I want everyone to look around & give your loved one's a hug, & your good & even your not so good friends, & even someone that's not getting one. Please be very thankful for the people & great things in your lives-not everyone has those greatnesses-& not by there own design either. So it's a new year & a fresh start-all good things on the herizon, right? Nothing but luv fer ya peeps, take care. laters XD
Posted by xallen   0 Comments
Dec 31, 2013 10:04 PM
The Mission Statement for Evolved Noobs Multi-Gaming
Welcome to EN. We are now accepting soldiers to carve a new path in Multi-Gaming History! I am a gamer and want my skills to be noticed and used for the gaming world, so I formed this Community. But my goal is simple, to be the best Leader I can for a better and more modern way of Community gaming. I'm currently working on "other" projects. In the future I have hopes of working directly with game recruiters/sponsors/webdesigners & such.Where this goes,who knows.I know it will be 1 sweet ride. I would like this community to be a stepping stone for anyone wishing to grow with something great and original. It does not matter if your super elite,perhaps your awesome @ map making,game design,mods,ect...This Community is open with opportunities ,you the members will make it to your liking.This community will be NOTHING like the others, I have been gaming since I was 6 yrs old(35yrs) and have the knowledge and skills to make this anything but ORDINARY. We will have only the best qualities a Community can have. Think of this like the scientology of Gaming. It does not matter what game your into, just as long as you reach for greatness and hopefully contribute a little to a greater good. So feel free to apply, my restrictions?!--hmm if you really get me and my mission-than there are little restrictions. I'm sure of 1 thing, I'll be a Gamer for life.
Posted by xallen   2 Comments
Mar 24, 2011 11:57 PM
Clan Rules
These rules are very simple: the majority of them are based on the military system.Alot of them have not been added, nor will they, as long as the group stays cool.
1st: Common sense & Mutual respect for each other.
2nd: Remember it's a game, and real honor comes from the heart, not a keyb/mouse.
3rd: The 3 Strike rule applies here.=See 1st rule.
4th: Don't sweat it and don't stress.
%th: What you choose to do here, will decide your future with us. Please choose wisely.
Posted by xallen   0 Comments
Mar 24, 2011 11:49 PM
There are no servers assigned to this clan.
About Us
We are a Multi-Gaming Community dedicated to game evolution. Our determination will set new standards. 1, that in time is sure to talked about for yrs 2 come. We are not:Newbs OR n00bs. However, we ALL were Noobs at 1 point(beginners at best). Now, our time is here
Founded by The Evolved Noob on Feb 19, 2011
Out of respect of the OLD SCHOOL GAMER-When times were fun when we lived above Social Media Distortion.
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