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Now Its Never Before...

Now play on the latest version with latest hack and cheat engine. Upgrade your game to the latest version. Now non steam users can also connect. Update to v84, Use the following patch if you don't have... Good Bye hackers.....

Hi CSS Geeks @ GanGCSS
Its good to have all you here and at

Now is the time that you start taking shape of teams so that GanGCSS will look forward to various competitions and team events.

Both Online and Live Concerts will be there, Hence You Now should build your group and inspire phenomenal individual players to join your teams...

If in case you face any trouble you can be in touch.. Name your group, write description, upload group/team icon/logo/image, videos etc.. Challenge other groups such as GanGCSS, Demolisherz, Evolution C4 and xendex (D.K) Dark Knights..

Find all Hottest Counter Strike Challengers @

[] Evolution C4 [] @

DemolisherZz @

(D.K) Dark Knights @

XendeX @

Show the world that you are the best CSS team possibly exists. Attain the skills to achieve the impossible.

For Rest Get in Touch!

With Blood
Posted by gang-gaming
May 24, 2014 9:10 AM