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Forum Home > Off Topic > [10-12-11 22:00] Real Madrid VS FC Barcelona
[10-12-11 22:00] Real Madrid VS FC Barcelona
Dec 07, 2011 6:40 PM
HiszY-HEAD|WaRRioR manager - Joined: Feb 11, 2009
Posts: 436
hey hi there all

well this is something related to spain but I believe that the projection of this event really cross country barriers, I don't really know, but I believe that a barça-real madrid is followed everywhere in the world, indeed, they are for sure the two best soccer teams in the world, and the next encounter it's just this saturday.

so what do you think about this? who do you think that's gonna win? what do you think that the result will be?


Dec 08, 2011 3:55 AM
HISZY-JNR-|APOLLO HiszY Junior Division - Joined: Oct 15, 2011
Posts: 99
I hope real will winn this game
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Dec 08, 2011 4:41 AM
Non-member Joined: Nov 07, 2011
Posts: 23
2:1 for Real
They are playing at home so in this game they are favourite for me.
Barcelona is playing weaker than in last seson. Real is now very strong. They won a lot of matches really high.
But this is only my opinion:P:P:P You of courese can disagree with me

Dec 08, 2011 8:37 AM
HiszY-HEAD|WaRRioR manager - Joined: Feb 11, 2009
Posts: 436
well, as being a soccer player myself (amateur) to be honest it has been a while since I've stopped following very much pro soccer, seriously, after play soccer for 5 hours or so the last that you wanna do is watch yet even more soccer, so this year I'm not very much into this, I don't really know but, yes, in general I agree that barcelona's level has notabely decreased on this season while madrid level has notabely increased, I really hope madrid won, but to be honest, you never know, this is almost like a final (the last two spanish leagues were at the end determined by the results of these two matches) and finals are generally unpredictable and also even not being so good barcelona, in my opinion, this barcelona is the best soccer team ever, in general I think that it will be a tied match, I think may be a 1-1 is plausible, but who really knows, the only that I know is that it will a great show .


Dec 08, 2011 12:04 PM
Non-member Joined: May 07, 2010
Posts: 1
Madrid have a good start in this season. but last 3 years he is suck in " el clasico". and yet Real must to win. game in the Madrid.
draw 2-2
Dec 08, 2011 2:29 PM
JARODRUM&BASS other - Joined: Dec 20, 2010
Posts: 3
barca wins:):)
Dec 08, 2011 5:39 PM
6EEN2 * DNP other - Joined: Nov 09, 2008
Posts: 6
3:1 for Real!
Dec 10, 2011 9:54 PM
HiszY-HEAD|WaRRioR manager - Joined: Feb 11, 2009
Posts: 436
omg, Barcelona finally won 1-3, I would head this as "FC Barcelona humillates Portugal by a score of 1-3 in Madrid", in soccer as in anything involving teams of any kind the responsabilities are always shared among everybody, when a team lost it's never because of someone it's the everybody's fault, so it's always a brute mistake to point out someone as the guilty of a lose (mistake wich btw my main responsible here already have done), but in my opinion most of the responsability of what happened right this night have it the Real Madrid manager, mister Jose Mouriño.

for me the keys of the match were as follows and as you can see all of them directly involve him:

1) contrarie to what I heard from Barcelona midfielder and World Champion Xavi Hernadez in a on-field interview right after the match where he stated, remarked and put lot of emphasis in that Barcelona game this night had been clearly superior to Real Madrid game, in my opinion are just mere words empty of any meaning (most likely just a fixed speech stablished prior the game) for people who haven't seen the whole match, it may be possible that in the general compute of the match Barcelona were superior, ok, it may be, but only and only very slightly, because what happened clearly to me this night is that didn't win Barcelona if not lost Real Madrid alone trapped in himself, it just makes no sense at all that not just a elite team like Real Madrid if not a pro team lost a match that had clearly won in the first half, it's absurd. in my opinion even after the result Barcelona didn't play very good (obviously for the Barcelona potencial) this nigth, it was Real Madrid who clearly dominated the first half of the match and although they were tied by the time out it was just by the talent of Barcelona and world best recent player Lionel Messi alone rather than a real reflect of what's going, Real Madrid had clearly the match controled and was clearly on its way for a win, obviously against a team like Barcelona and messi in particular you never know till the last minute but it just looked like a matter of time, the real problem wasn't barcelona or even messi himself, it was just that on the second half it was Real Madrid alone who simply disapeared from the match, on the second half Real Madrid looked like a totally different team, they didn't even look like a top pro team I would say, much more from a elite one, that way even a not so precise neither brilliant and notabely slower than usual Barcelona were able to success this night, in particular it's remarkable than the third and definitive goal is a head from the inner box right near the goal line in front of Pepe (one of the strongest centers in the world) from a cross from a wing, those are the kind of things that you just don't expect from a team like Real Madrid specially when I believe that Barcelona hasn't score a goal of this kind in who knows how much, ages? and that way as I headed, once on advantadge and seing a totally dispeared madrid, is when in my opinion barcelona just humillated Real Madrid, they just started to instead of look for the goal to combinate on the very own Real Madrid box attemping to score one of those "goals of the century". so basically as you can see in my opinion what failed in madrid has been the concentration and motivation and in my opinion the major responsible of this is mouriño, it's just not acceptable from a manager of his prestige that allows a elite team to cool down in the time out in a match like this till the point to appear totally off in the second half, things like just can't happen in a elite team, I have no idea of what happened in the time out but to me it just looked like mouriño either didn't talk to them at all and players just started to question themself or if he did it was just like "hey, good job guys, keep doing it" and players just left like "?, what's going, aren't you going to tell us what we have to do?", in general, I dind't like the mouriño's attitude during the whole night, I remember to see him simply laughing and even joking when he first appeared on cam in a real arrogant and out place way, in my opinion to really success at soccer you have to enjoy it and have a good time playing it (or in his case coaching) but one thing is that and another thing is simply make fun of it, I believe that he either was sure that he was going to win or lose so he just didn't care at all and it's always said that the teams are the real face of his manager so like I said in my opinion he is the major responsible of this night Madrid lost for allow that this happened, he could have changed this but he just didn't.

2) in my opinion the Madrid substituions were simply pointless and like I said shows a coach simply out of place and that didn't even properly prepare the match, to me it makes no sense at all to change Lass by Kedirha when your team is losing, this is reforce your defense when you're losing, ye, for what? to doesn't lose for more? what people want is win so it's absurd specially when lass was playing good to me, ok he had a yellow card but, well, he wasn't the only one, he didn't really look like a major a problem, and later he just subsitutes di maria and ozil, this is even more pointless since to me this two players, specially di maria, were the two best players on the field at the moment so it makes no sense to change them, in my opinion Mouriño just had those changes planned either way and he just failed to adapt to the circustances of the match, but anyways despising my opinions, wich at the end are just that opinions of a amateur the real fact is just that the substituions didn't work but I believe that the for some best coacher in the world is there just to that to make the things work but he just didn't and he is a direct responsible of this.

3) and finally Christinao Ronaldo, I'm not going to critize him since I believe on his commitment, so you just can't acuse someone who is simply doing all he can under their current circunstances, therefore what I will it will be to acuse the person who knowing his situation put it there and this person is once again his coach, mouriño, like I said it's not about critize ronaldo but I believe that it's a proven fact already that ronaldo is just unable not to perform like a world best player if not just like a normal pro player, let's see it's just no serious that a in a event of this magnitude madrid star well know for his terrofic powerfull shot the best free kick he throws goes just slowly to the rival goalkeeper hands, it's just not serious, like I said, I don't believe is his fault, I sincerely believe that he does all he can and that he prepares him himself the best he can, I just believe that he must have some kind of presonal problems or disorders that for some reason disable him on the main events and prevent him to perform, in my opinion he just looked scared all the way and simply like if he would like not to be there, so when you're the manager of a team and far more when you're suposed to be one of the best you have to be aware of this kind of things and then, I know that it may look really weird, if you know that for whatever reasons ronaldo is not fine then just don't put it because this is not good for anybody, neither the team nor him.

so basically to sumarize in my opinion mouriño is a very good coach but of small teams and I think that it's a proven fact that he has failed at madrid already, I believe he shouldn't continue in madrid in the near future, he is not doing any good at madrid and I think that even the own players are acusing this.

well, then, that's basically how I saw the things, well, and also I believe that if you didn't see the match that should serve as a small review of it to know more or less what happened.

ok, sleep time xDD

see you


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