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Forum Home > General Discussion > A HUGE sorry to everyone
A HUGE sorry to everyone
Sep 23, 2017 10:01 AM
Rehzi Member - Joined: Aug 28, 2016
Posts: 2
As i heard from a friend of mine, I caused lot of...''troubles'' in PSN server...well, It was not me... I'm actually on Honeymoon, coming back to home tomorrow and i asked my parents to watch my house...and my younger brother (mo0dulm, you know about him -.-'') used my PC and played on Black Ops (note that he was VAC banned on his account from this game). I'm actually embarassed and sorry especially towards mo0dulm, Zombie and Postmanliver, who i'm going to unlock as soon i can get back to my PC. I'm REALLY sorry about all of this, I hope that this will NOT happen again:'(, also because this was an opportunity for him, not havving me at home. Sorry again and let me know if I have to do something for all this mess.