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Ranks Proceedings

The official ranks have been revealed for the Crusades. Work your way up through the Holy Order to attain prestigious recognition and title.

~ Grand Master ~
Highest rank in office, only one may be present at any time. This member is considered seasoned warrior veterans who have experience of countless Crusades. They are in charge of all matters pertaining to any sector of the Order. They remain a huge benefactor to the image and reputation of the Order.

~ Knight ~
Elitest soldiers of the Order who are feared by those who are sane of comprehending their presence... And Angels to those who die by their blade. They are the most noble and respected soldiers in any war, battle, skirmish or Crusade. They are responsible for selecting only the most worthy squires to attain this rank. Each Knight is assigned a Squire and may choose to his pleasure. Knights remain a huge benefactor to the image and reputation of the Order.

~ Squire ~
Those under scrutinization of the Knights Templar. They are those who show the prowess, courage, skill, adaptability and discipline in becoming a Knight of the Templar Order. Trained and educated by Knights, they will aspire.

~ Crusader ~
Those responsible for directing and coucelling the newly recruited Brothers. They are a body whose presence is essential in the recruitment of the Order and in maintaining fearless in their expendable front-line positions.

~ Brother ~
The freshman of the proverbial High School. They are members who struggle effortlessly to prove themselves worthy in climbing the Holy ladder. Their main task being to complete rigourous initiation protocols in order to gain rank, their biggest priority at this stage is to recruit more Brothers. They are the foundation of the pyramid; the wider they can make it, the higher they themselves will go - and higher and wider does the structure grow. Any Brother who can recruit 2 new members receives preference over most initiations and orientations. Get messaging.

These are the ranks and titles in effect until an edit is produced and uploaded.

Happy Crusading and good luck.

Safety and Peace,,

×{GM}× C∆TH
Feb 01, 2016 3:12 PM
×{GM}× C∆TH
ZA ~Grand Master~
There are no servers assigned to this clan.
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An Order of Elite Knights Templar. Prove your worth and might in combat.

Join our Crusades! We will reclaim the battlefields, build armies, erect Empires, survive infinitely and restore our Holy Lands!

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