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August 2013
Arma 3 server updated to Beta - lots of fixes (currently running Insurgency). Dayz has gone from vanilla / Origins through various incarnations and is now on Epoch (Taviana) for the time being - still awaiting release of DayZ standalone, but with Epoch's development on a even keel, it's a good alternative until the SA release.
Just one Arma 2 server is open to the public, due to the level of hacking we've had to enforce a whitelist on most of the other servers. 2 Tactical Arma 2 servers - one for similar sized missions as the open public server and one for smaller tactical maps.
Due to the whitelist applications, the member list has grown in the past month from around 50 to 120+ and still growing steadily - hopefully this will mean more activity and feedback on the forum to make the servers more enjoyable.
Events are being planned for competitions on the "Mixed" Arma 2 server with games being put up as prizes in the near future.
A higher level of teamspeak activity enables admins and players to help with server management and feedback.
Several admins are working hard to advertise the whitelisted servers and promote a better game experience for players.
Good work guys !!!
Posted by martuk66
Aug 24, 2013 8:33 PM