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aT Team Joining Website
Category: General Discussion
by Devil_xd
Oct 05, 2017 6:09 AM
Can i join at clan
Category: General Discussion
by Devil_xd
Aug 20, 2017 3:07 PM
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The Community #aT# Home
The Community Welcome to the Oldest and Most Popular Server On (SOF2)

The aT # Community is a community that has several servers, on different games. Members from all over the world joined this community, to play, have fun and to challenge. Trying to expand the community has lead to different teams within the community:

aT # Hide&Seek: [SoF2 Full] The biggest part of the community, the start of what it has become now.

aT # Urban Terror: [uB] While trying to expand, some loyal members decided to move to Urban Terror, and represent aT in that game.

aT # Call Of Duty Black ops: [cod Black] While trying to expand, some loyal members also have decided to move to Call of Duty, and represent aT in that game.

#aT# Remains number 1 on game tracker

Join us!
To join our community, any of our teams, click on this link:
Jun 02, 2015 9:21 PM
History of #aT#
aT was first born about 6 years ago with a guy named Steven from France. I still remember the day he (Steven) came into server RPM hide and seek on map (col7) and was asking me how to play hide and seek, so I was kind enough to teach him the basics.

Then, before the map was ended, he asked me if I wanted to help him open up a hide&seek server , and I agreed to join him, so over the next couple weeks aT was born. Steven chose the name aT as a slap to the face of RPM,

He had many, many friends from France that joined which help create the popularity,(Gowoh, Ali, Memoz), and more, At the time RPM was leading the hide&seek community but they were very, very strict about the rules, so our main objective was to treat all players with respect and give everyone a chance.

In a couple months aT stole over all the players from all hide and seek servers. RPM and other servers struggled to keep players; some even tried changing the entire server to Zombies in an attempt to keep their players. But aT was too big at the time and it only made it worse. Steven kept the server open for roughly 1 and a half years. The only reason I mention RPM was because it was so big at the time, and it was a huge opportunity to compete next to them.

In this time Steven became very bitter about sof2 and all of its players, so he killed aT in the worst way and stopped caring... and gave up on the game. He was giving random people rcon control or randomly turning off server for no reason when there could have been a full server and he wouldn't turn it back on. I would have to go to and email Max why the server was off, and he would tell me because the owner (steven) is turning it off. That's when I knew it was over for sure...

When aT was finally closed there were a few people who tried to re-open aT , but they failed at this. Players did not come to aT anymore because of the fake leaders and admins, recruiting noobs, strict rules, no fairness. I myself even joined one of the fakers of aT (Saradomin). Eventually I got sick of how he ran aT hide and seek. So I banned everyone in the server, then got banned myself by my co-leader Osama , and that's when I had enough and quit sof2 for about 1 or so years. In this time new hide seek servers were born.

After time went by aT was forgotten. I started to be active again and started playing in xtreme hide&seek. I didn't like how they ran it and I started to feel that i missed aT and it needs to come back. Over the next month or so I contemplated on re-opening aT since I was an original co-Leader/admin. I spoke to Supreme Leader linkan about this, and I remember asking him should I re-open aT? And he said YES I will help you.

So me not having any editing experience I needed someone to help me get it started. The only person at the time I knew I could trust was good ol beck.
He made all the original maps for aT and helped so much on getting aT back on top as did all the players and admins playing back in aT, Supreme Leader HandsomeBECK did count less hours of editing and devoted himself to aT .

Without Supreme Leader HandsomeBECK help I could not have done this on my own. When the word came out we aT were back, players began flooding the server and I knew aT was back. We have a huge family, Players/Admins from all over this planet, and its great.

Since I opened aT again 4 years ago we have had great success with old and new players coming back , and I plan to keep aT open for as long as the game is still online. So please everyone next time you see Supreme Leader HandsomeBECK thank him and thanks to all the admins and players for caring and keeping aT in your hearts and never forgetting

We stick together, we endure one another, we hold onto one another, no one holds us back, #aT# Hide&Seek


May 31, 2015 12:44 AM
Hey Everyone
Lets spread the word that sof2 is still alive and get the players back!
Download the Game Here or
May 18, 2015 11:03 PM
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