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[b00bs] members heavy weights by number of league matches in Urban Zone League
Hi all,

As of last day of year 2012:
[b00bs]Dan played 280 matches in Urban Zone League.
[b00bs]The-spiki counts 270 matches played in UZ.
[b00bs]duhfysa 214 UZ matches.
[b00bs]RAW-mEAT 199 (156 for [b00bs] + 43 for b00bs-DD) UZ matches.
[b00bs]Archus 189 (157 for [b00bs] + 32 for b00bs-DD) UZ matches.
[b00bs]Nebel 166 (140 for [b00bs] + 22 for b00bs-DD) UZ matches.
[b00bs]SubZ 151 UZ matches.

As far as I know, we hold the record in whole UZ across all players.

Over the years, we had at least 20 or 30 more were played in UZ, but
those got deleted when opponents were removed from competition.

Of course we also play together in CB (Clan Base), UCL (Universal
Cyber League), FTW (For The Win), STF (Survival of The Fittest), ESL
(Electronic Sports League), NASL (National Electronic Sports League),
CTL (Casatown League) etc.

Here is an insight of our crazyness when we are not playing seriously.
Posted by the-spiki   0 Comments
Dec 31, 2012 5:31 AM
32 NEW news posts on [b00bs] website finished and published today!!!
32 NEW news posts on [b00bs] website finished and published today!!!

So yea, I've done all of the 32 news posts that were sitting there in drafts last 2 months waiting to be finished and published.

Instead of watching some random movie, I guarantee you good time if you watch this video UZ WC - [b00bs] vs nJ broadcasted by [b00bs]Dan

You simply have to check out all of the 32 NEW news posts (and also the older ones) @
Posted by the-spiki   0 Comments
Dec 24, 2012 4:03 AM
[b00bs] are winners of Urban Zone Winter Cup 2010/2011 !!!

Nicely formatted announcement on b00bs website

There were around 85 clans signed, about 70 clans actually played. We had 54 UZ WC matches in 1 month period!.

Mad props to whole +OC+ crew for being sports and playing 10 matches! Knowing upfront what will happen on Uptown, but still getting the guns and fighting is admirable. Also congratulations for taking the 5'th place.

We played against more than 40 clans, but I will only mention two that stuck out above all for their classy behavior.
Gentleman from -dyNasty- and Seven Deadly Sins ( 7s ) it was real pleasure playing with you.

Of course, as one may expect from [b00bs]server list our home map was literary always (the best map ever) UPTOWN.
Big ups to Madcow for making this marvelous piece!

Congratulations to all b00bs! We made it together and I wouldn't like to single anyone out. All of you guys (including me) played amazing.
Posted by the-spiki   0 Comments
Jan 19, 2011 2:26 AM
Universal Cyber League: Knife Cup I
Nicely formatted announcement on b00bs website

There were 111 participants from 30 different countries members of 29 clans.

We had 3 members playing. [b00bs]Germany Omtek , [b00bs]France Slash and [b00bs]USA Ace .

It was knockout competition and [b00bs]Germany Omtek slashed all the way to semi finals. Congratulations!
(Not sure yet if he is ranked 3'rd or 4'th. We'll know that later.)
Posted by the-spiki   0 Comments
Jan 19, 2011 2:25 AM
NEW SERVER: [b00bs] EURO Team Survivor
NEW SERVER [b00bs] EURO Team Survivor

Posted by the-spiki   0 Comments
Nov 23, 2010 10:07 AM
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About Us
[b00bs] is international multi gaming clan.

We play Urban Terror, Counter Strike, Quake and other FPS games.

[b00bs] public servers list grew to 20 Urban Terror public servers and few for other games. Record so far is about 200 players online (at same time) on all [b00bs] servers combined/summed.
Our Uptown only servers are immensely popular. 4 out of top 5 ranked Uptown only servers are [b00bs] managed smiling

In year 2009 clan was mostly "public server players" type with only few clan wars played.

With 2010 we started playing more matches and in q2 we joined CasaTown League (CTL), Urban-Zone (UZL) and For The Win (FTW) leagues.
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