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New revision of the mission applyed on our ArmA II server.
More info:

- removed all small transport vehicles /ATVs, Bikes/ from the main base. In order to make players to use their legs and to not make mess in the base.

- fixed broken "Set Signal Fire" script. Now it woks with all kind of units, doesn't matter do they have or not AT weapons or backpacks. Tested - works fine.

- Removed script command for destroyng of the object ID 143915 (Light Tower). The tower was destroyed before in thebegining of the round in order to not "fail" choper pillots, because they was not able to see it at night. The destroyng of the Light Tower, bring side effect of almost non-stop burning fuel tank next to it. This cost somehow drop of the frames so the tower will stay there...for now. xD

- fixed the Air Taxi landing over the barracks building. In x_server\airtaxiserver.sqf, line 95, _unit doMove (position GVAR(AISPAWN));, _unit doMove (position airbase_1); Everything is tested - works fine.

- changed pos of the carrier marker. / must see do it will work in MP for JIP players /.

- added Fast Traveler points in Main Base and Balota with Fast Traveler connection between them. nick\teleporter\toBalota.sqf & nick\teleporter\toMainBase.sqf. Search about orange marker named "Fast Travel Point". Tested - its fine.

REMARK: Its not standart Domination script, so it will not move your AI soldiers with you in case that you have any. It will teleport only single players. Must see how players will use this feauture. Later it can be set to one way only teleport to Balota from the Main Base, or will be replaced via AI transpor chopper with crew wich will fly between both Airbases when ordered from player.

- removed in total 47 objects from the mission.sqm

Posted by stnickbg
Jan 25, 2013 4:34 AM