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Forum Home > Gametracker - What is it? Why Gametracker and not a Homepage? etc.. > Gametracker - What is it? Why Gametracker and not a Homepage? etc..
Gametracker - What is it? Why Gametracker and not a Homepage? etc..
Sep 05, 2010 7:09 AM
Jochen B. Boss of Bosses - Joined: May 06, 2009
Posts: 3
Hi Guys!
I open this Thread because many of you asked me why we choosed a Gametracker-Site etc.
Well first:
-What can we do on Gametracker?
Everybody has got a own Gametracker-Profil. There you can upload Videos, Fotos, write with your friends, etc. But the main part comes now; When you click on "servers" you can paste an IP, of a server you are often playing on, there. After you've done that you can see who is at the moment playing on that server, or the "good old All-Times-Stats" (Top 10 Players) when you scroll a bit down. At the bottom of that site, you can click on "VIEW ALL PLAYERS & STATS". There you can search anybody who has ever played on that server, just type his name into the box. The most important thing there is the "score/min". It shows how many kills that player got in one minute.

-Why Gametracker on not a Homepage?
We just had our own Hompage but we didn't like it, because it was full of advertising and also confusing. Here we have got a clear group, a forum, a news-page, everybody has his own profile, we can upload things, and many other features. Maybe that could give us a Homepage too, but here everything is clearly arranged. Who defenatly don't wants this as our offical site, please tell me and when there are many of you, we can change it.

well, if someone has got some questions left, please write it in this thread and ask us. We are going to answer it as good as we can.

greets Jochen B./Verstrahlt.
Closed Account
Sep 06, 2010 2:25 PM
I like the GameTracker-site, better than an own, cuz its so much work for admins and cuz of the named points of Jochen B. So let's breathe this forum live!
Sep 07, 2010 11:03 AM
Hamburg Rulez Hustler - Joined: Sep 01, 2010
Posts: 2
Yeah this clanpage is better than the old one and better for the guys that aren´t german. You can make a lot more things on this page than on the other. Have fun in the forum xD