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New Squad System for Battlefield:Heroes
For maximum efficiency we will be building squads for matches and practices and whatnot. These are not set in stone, so in case of an emergency, members can travel from one squad to another.

The generic squad build:
Soldier/Gunner x4
-In each squad, we'll need 4 various fighters, any combination of gunners and soldiers to equal 4 in total. Each gunner should have a rocket launcher for maximum tank takedowns, and each soldier should have at least 3/5 Health.
Sniper x2
-The difference between snipers and commandos is the range. Snipers must stay far away, dealing the most damage from as far away as possible, supporting the teams from a safe distance.
Abilities to have:
-Piercing Shot
Commando x2
-Commandos should sneak around bases planting TT's and knifing from behind. They should sneak around in jeep or planes to far off bases and cap them quickly, leaving the other fighters to their fighitng.
-Poison Blade
-Troop Trap

General Rules:
-In all of this madness, one of the members dependent on rank in a squad will be nominated leader. He is to be listened to, and his orders are to be followed to the letter. The leader knows best.
-Each unit should have at least 25 wrenches and bandages.
-Tanks and vehicles are to be taken maximum control over, use their firepower to your advantage. Generally, commandos should take the tanks, to back up the soldiers/gunners.
-Units can switch to different positions and change heroes to fit different capabilities, but the squad build should remain similar to the above. If you want to play commando, but we already have 2 commandos but not enough gunners, be a gunner.

Comments or Questions are welcome.

Posted by leadergrev
Jun 28, 2009 2:16 AM