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Adminship Rates:-

1 . Trial Admin :- 40/- Per Month.
Detail :- This is Trial Admin So, not a more powers.
Powers :- amx_kick, amx_slay, amx_slap.

2 . Admin :- 70/- Per Month.
Detail :- Admins Enjoys a Limited Powers.
Powers :- amxmodmenu(limited), amx_map, amx_kick,
Team Menu (For Shift), amx_slay, amx_slap.

3 . Head Admin :- 150/- Per Month.
Detail :- There are All Powers of Head Admin.
Powers :- amx_ban, amx_unban, amx_cfg (amx_restrickweaopns),
amx_cvar sv_restart, amxmodmenu(Full), amx_map,
Team Menu (For Shift), amx_kick, amx_slay, amx_slap.

4 . Moderator :- 200/-Per Month.
Detail :- There are all Powers with High Image.
Powers :- Name Advertisement Ex. [Server Moderator (Your Name)],
Reservation (Can Join Reserved Slots), amx_map,
amx_cvar sv_restart, amxmodmenu(Full), amx_kick,
amx_ban, amx_unban, amx_cfg (amx_restrikweaopns),
Team Menu, (For Shift), amx_slay, amx_slap.

5. Co-Owner :- 300/- Per Month.
Detail :- There are a Person Who make a Co-Owner Of Server.
Powers :- CONTROL PANEL (Control File Manager, Metamods)
Can't Kick, Ban, Slay/Slap etc. our Admins,
Head Admins & Moderator, Name Advertisment
Ex. [Server Co-Owner (Your Name)],amx_map,
Reservation ( Can Join Reserved Slots),amx_kick,
amx_ban, amx_unban, amx_cvar sv_restart,
amxmodmenu (Full), amx_cfg (amx_restrikewaeopns),
Team Menu (For Shift), amx_slay, amx_slap. [close]
Posted by natwar
Jun 15, 2012 3:26 AM