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Red Orchestra 2 the final curtain
The time has come to shut dow our RO2 servers. Thanks to everyone who visited us, it was fun while it lasted.
Posted by cptpuggy   0 Comments
Feb 08, 2012 7:29 PM
Red Orchestra 2 and Brothers
You may have noticed we have two RO 2 servers up and running. |Brothers|-UK Realism Territory Server at and |Brothers|-UK Realism Countdown Server at You very welcome to join, the TE server is a little popular, so be patient. Otherwise join the CD server, it only takes a few players to have an enjoyable game here.

We also welcome you to our TeamSpeak 3 Server, our IP Is: Password = brothers.
Posted by cptpuggy   0 Comments
Sep 30, 2011 5:44 AM
CoD2 TR League
Brothers CoD2 Tactical Realism League Now In Progress

Visit Here For Details =
Aug 18, 2010 9:32 PM
Teamspeak Details
Our Teamspeak 3 I.P = Port = 9987 Password = brothers

Need Help With Teamspeak 3? Visit Here For Details =

May 05, 2008 1:05 AM
There are no servers assigned to this clan.
About Us
Welcome to the |Brothers| gametracker Gaming website. We are a mature/seriousgaming clan who play RO2, CoD2 and CoD:WaW Tactical Realism between ourselves and pubbers at 7pm GMT most nights on one of our servers, in current leagues (when available), weekly friendlies or ad hoc scrims. We are a relaxed, friendly and competitive clan who play using tactics and strategy to achieve our goal/victory. If you are not familiar with our server rules, you can read them by clicking the Server / Rules / Info link in our navigation box to the left on our homepage (the link is below). Through donations we run our own website, run our own gaming box and use Teamspeak 3 as our voice server. We are currently recruiting mature members who are dedicated, have the right attitude and are willing to contribute [show more]
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Brothers Realism Mod (BRM) Homepage
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