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NaZLoG's Application
Category: Applications
by Nazlog
Aug 27, 2010 11:47 AM
Kabls back
Category: General Discussion
by Ctu_bauer
May 12, 2010 3:02 AM
me getting a job
Category: General Discussion
by Ctu_bauer
May 12, 2010 3:00 AM
me getting a job
Category: General Discussion
by Ctusheridanm
May 12, 2010 1:56 AM
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Server up and running
Well its finaly here.
The server is up and running.
Thats the IP, and its 22$ a month with 20 public and 3 private
Im workin on settings and admin levels as we speak but it is currently running and play able with default settings for now
Also, forums will not be handled by gametracker:
New forums:
Posted by ctu_bauer   0 Comments
May 12, 2010 3:37 PM
Misc News
Ok here's whats goin on.
Almeida has been demoted to Elite Member due to request
Sheridanm, once you are back i will give you your old level back

Also, about a CTU server. I discussed with josh at uBP about pricing and he tells me that it would be about 1$ a month for each slot. The question is; how many slots do we need? Im thinkin maybe 20 would be good, I dont really wanna pay anymore than that.... It would be hosted in Chicago. Also Im still debating if I want to spend 20$ a month. Im not sure if ill even have a job come this summer :/. Any opinions?

Also Many of you have been asking me about a scrim team:
So far this is what i have:

If you want to be added to the scrim team post it, and I will take you into consideration. Im thinking that I would like to have around 7 people in the scrim team. So i need 5 more. I assume that KoRn and Acer want in? I might add Kab when he gets back...if he ever does :/
Posted by ctu_bauer   3 Comments
Apr 20, 2010 4:15 PM
Ok, since kable is away due to computer troubles, I transfered the site ownership to myself (until kab returns)and made a few promotions/demotions
Bauer is now level 15 (Leader)
Almeida is now level 14 (Co-Leader)
Korn is now level 13 (Elite Member)
Kable is now level 13 (Elite Member) (can change when you get back)
RyanW is now level 13 (Elite Member)
SpiderPIGy is now level 6 (Sr.Member)
Nick is now a level 4 (Member)
Sheridamn is demoted to level 2 due to inactivity.
Kraken is no longer a CTU agent.
Posted by ctu_bauer   5 Comments
Apr 07, 2010 7:12 PM
Kable is now Level 13
RyanW is now Level 4
Acer is now Level 3
Nick is now Level 3
a human is now Level 3
Posted by ctu_bauer   1 Comment
Mar 23, 2010 7:47 AM
Server Update
We are no longer having Unlimited BP as our home server, instead we we'll create our own. Sheridanm and I have been working it and were still figureing things out so hold tight.
Posted by ctu_bauer   3 Comments
Mar 13, 2010 9:25 PM
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CA Level 4 (Member)
BR Level 4 (Member)
DE Level 4 (Member)
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