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Античит MyAC
Сервера на DEAGLE.RU подключены к античиту MyAC скачать античит можно с офф сайиа сервера , на данный момент для игры на 1-м, 2-м , CSDM, GUNGAME серверах потребуется античит MyAC.
Jun 03, 2008 5:17 AM
There are no servers assigned to this clan.
About Us
Questions from our mail...

Who you such?
... Simply heap to the people which is cut in cstrike and the people not idle time, a contingent from 13 till 56 years...
DEAGLE.RU a clan?
... There is no it not a clan, clans it for children and when that was for Vikings :), and we simply command into whom enter both players of a server and managers.
For you a server often play cheater?
... I Think that already is not present, even moreover they are afraid to come on a server for there is no sense... cheater our servers plays a minimum 20 sec, a maximum 1 map...
Whether my son can to play your server is available in view of absence of obscene language?
... Yes can, for us for a floor-mat in a chat banned the automatic machine for 7 days, and here ear-phones to the child are better not [show more]
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