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Dying2kill Community
Dying 2 Kill is a gamming community purely developed to fulfill a need in the Australian, New Zealand gamming community.
There is a need in the market to establish a community which is 100% run with the players in mind, free from admin abuse, free from game server provider influences, and free of charge.
This community is for the gamers, built by the gamers and direction is governed by the gamers.
Be a part of a gamming community that you can be fully involved in.
Register on the community forums, then apply to be a member of the community. Once accepted wear the tags with pride.
In return for your valued support you will be given member skins, sprays and support for all DTK servers.
We now have 20 servers up and running, one which is now ranked #1 in AU / NZ and others following close behind.
We are in a great position where we have unlimited servers at our disposal. So join the community and give us some ideas of servers you want to be playing on.
We can get your idea up and running with all the work done by our advanced modders.

Current DtK server listing.

|DTK|#1 - CS:GO TTT (Trouble in Terrorist Town)
|DTK|#2 - CSS Classic Deathmatch
|DTK|#3 - CSS Office Deathmatch
|DTK|#4 - CSS GunGame Deathmatch
|DTK|#6 - CS:GO Zombies
|DTK|#7 - CS:GO Surf [Tier 1] 100TICK -
|DTK|#8 - CS:GO Surf [Tier 2-4] 100TICK
|DTK|#9 - CS:GO MiniGames
|DTK|#10 - CS:GO Course Maps
|DTK|#11 - CS:GO Dust2 FFA DM 128TICK
|DTK|#12 - CS:GO MultiMode
|DTK|#13 - CS:GO Gungame DM 128TICK
|DTK|#14 - CS:GO Deathrun
|DTK|#15 - CS:GO BHOP Hard Tier 4-6 128TICK
|DTK|#16 - CS:GO BHOP Easy Tier 1-3 128TICK
|DTK|#17 - CS:GO Casual 128TICK
|DTK|#18 - CS:GO PUG 128TICK
|DTK|#19 - CS:GO KZ Climb 128TICK
|DTK|#20 - CS:GO Jailbreak

Visit us @

Join our public steam group:
Posted by squallkins
May 17, 2011 5:56 PM