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Guest policy
Dec 14, 2016 11:42 AM
|FTX|zzyzx Manager - Joined: Apr 18, 2010
Posts: 145
When joining to play on any of our server you are a guest on our servers. We like to treat our guests with hospitality and we hope you have fun.

We are very flexible with what is allowed and what is not allowed on our servers. We also treat each case individually. However, there are some things you can do to improve your experience and that of others.

If there is one thing that you must take away is:
Respect our efforts and other players

Guest policy

1) Do not hack. I cannot stress this enough. We are working hard to maintain a fair-play server and ruining it is just unfair. Many people come back from work in the afternoon and have 30 minutes to play. They expect to have a good time in those 30 minutes. If you want to try out your hacks, let us know on our forum and we will arrange a server. Please contribute to what we are trying to achieve instead of taking us back.

2) Respect other players, especially administators. Remember that not everyone is as good as you and also that there is always someone better than you. Someone that is currently a noob might own you in a few weeks. Different players also come from different cultural, religious and educational backgrounds. What is acceptable and funny for you might not be for many others. As you cannot possibly know what is allowed, if you see that the other person was offended, try and apologise in your own way.

3) Do not spam. Spamming is annoying to everyone but the spammer. Saying to change the map many times will not improve your chances of the map being changed. Saying 'teams' several times for balance tends to be allowed.

4) Do not kick inactive (afk) players if there is enough space on the server. The CTF server has a decent capacity so that people can have a drink without leaving the server.

5) Try not to complain about the maps too much. Although we try to upload popular maps, we cannot please everyone all the time. So please be patient for the map to finish if you don't like the map.

6) Camping and unarmed attack as well as some super weapons are allowed on the servers. But try not to abuse them.

7) Glitching is allowed if you only do it for a few seconds.

8 ) Swearing is allowed if it is put in a non-serious context. For example, calling someone an 'ass' or saying 'shit' if he is waiting around the corner with a shotgun is allowed. But saying things about his mom in this case is inappropriate.

9) If you are unsure that some player is violating any of our policies do not take any action apart from contacting someone that does.

If you have any suggestions for improvement or complaints we would like to hear them! Please post them on our forum.