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Grievance policy
Dec 14, 2016 4:41 PM
|FTX|zzyzx Manager - Joined: Apr 18, 2010
Posts: 145
Grievance Policy and Procedures:

All FTX clan members are required to abide by these rules. Additional ideas to keep Grievances easy to manage and reslove are encouraged from all clan members. Users are free to challenge any of these rules with the current forum moderator.

1: In the first instance DO NOT start posting your problems with other clan members or players on the public or private sections of our forum. Take a little time to relax and put it into perspective.

2: If you have taken time to rationalize these issues and you still feel unfairly treated, Contact the offending person via PRIVATE message outlining your concerns calmly and concisely and try to reach an amicable solution between yourselves. Your private message should adhere to our Forum and Private messaging policy

3: If contact with the offending person does not yield a suitable result, PRIVATE message a senior clan member who will be happy to mediate the two unhappy parties and hopefully steer them towards a mutually beneficial solution. (we have a TS channel for mediation purposes which will go live shortly)

4: If for any reason your personalities just clash and no common ground can be found after the above steps, Take the higher ground and DO NOT resort to name calling. Stay calm, do not focus on the offending person, and instead enjoy the company of all the other clan members and players.

It is only a game. When healthy competition develops into all out war we all lose.

Our goal is to provide a happy gaming environment, but occasionally differences in opinion and character may clash. The above steps should help alleviate any tensions between members and/or players.