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Battlefield 3 Webstats!

I am proud to present the first Battlefield 3 Webstats plug-in on the internet! Indeed, Flame Guards is first to have it's server statistics published on the internet. You can visit them here or via the menu above (under Servers).

This new module brings the following functionalities:
• Recorded statistics per player
• Weapon statistics per player (vehicles have not yet been implemented)
• Dog tag history
• Easy player look-up (at the moment only on player names, clan tags will be added when Battlefield 3 supports this)
• Global server statistics (overall K/D, score per minute, dogtags and many more!)
• Server chat logs

As there are some errors recorded, you might find some weird statistics (people who have 500 kills with "Death"). Of course as the development continues more functionalities will be added. Please do note that the statistics are cached for a period of 30 minutes, to avoid flooding the database and to save time.

The statistics are linked to your website profile if both names match. In case they do not, add your Battlefield 3 name here.

Enjoy it!

Thanks to XpKiller for recording the statistics with his statistics logging plug-in for PRoCon (for Battlefield 3). He also created the recordings for Battlefield: Bad Company 2.
Posted by vwoer
Dec 26, 2011 9:02 AM