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Forum Home > General Discussion > Server going from best to worst
Server going from best to worst
Jan 14, 2012 3:23 AM
Non-member Joined: Jan 14, 2012
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This was one of my most favourite server because of admins. However, nowdays adminship is given to any noobs who pay money. Playing good game does not mean the person can be good admin. I have played for months on this server without ever hacking. And I was banned twice because admins THOUGHT I was walling. The admins were catch and d3 the first time and Benaam on the second time.
This is frustrating and pathetic. This clan will also be doomed like other big clans if JATIN-DIVYE dont take necessary steps. You need good admins guys, not kids.
Hope everything goes well in future. I have always wished well for this server. JATIN-DIVYE let me know if you guys need any help - vIvEk