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[FC] Clan Gathering Halloween 2019
With the release of TWDZF on Halloween we're also hosting a major clan event. Join us on SWBFSpy and SWBFModders! We'll play several mods including ZeroFront, Diablo, TWD, Alien Wars, Dark Trooper Boot Camp, and more!
Posted by fcrage   2 Comments
Oct 04, 2019 7:01 PM
Bomber banned from [FC]
Not even [FC] members like Bomber anymore. Literally all of us think he's a retarted troll like birdo. And now he's banned from [FC] for being a scumbag loser. All of the real [FC] members respect me and know Bomber is a disgraced poser.
Posted by fcrage   0 Comments
May 04, 2019 3:10 PM
ThePoser banned from [FC]
The Poser (steam 76561198058411121) is now banned from [FC] and -={InViS}=- for betraying our clan today (12-23-18) for no reason. This was entirely his decision and shows he is just another troll trying to kill SWBF. He has no respect for our clan or its leadership and is banned from SWBFSpy too now. Our websites will be updated accordingly this week. [FC] is fine without him, he never contributed or helped us grow anyway. We will continue to grow and improve SWBF thru 2019 and beyond!
Posted by fcrage   0 Comments
Dec 23, 2018 9:40 PM
SWBFSpy GameTracker Servers
Official SWBFSpy server page:
If you look at the SWBF servers on GameTracker you will see a list of server IPs. Beware that most of these are fake, and we try to keep the real SWBF servers rated at the top of the list. We advise ignoring or blacklisting the fake troll servers. = The only real SWBFSpy IP, hosted by SWBFModders, all of the SWBF community game servers and official SWBFSpy master server are hosted here. We support servers for BF1-PC, BF1-PS2, BF2-PC, and BF2-PS2. = FAKE IP ran by nazi trolls, it does not have playable servers you can join. = FAKE IP ran by nazi trolls, it does not have playable servers you can join. = FAKE IP ran by nazi trolls, it does not have playable servers you can join. = FAKE IP ran by nazi trolls, it does not have playable servers you can join.

Posted by fcrage   0 Comments
Aug 02, 2018 2:20 PM
Dark_Phantom Banned from [FC]
Dark Phantom tried to plagiarize my mods and became hostile towards SWBFModders, so he has been kicked out of [FC] and banned from our community forever.

Please read this thread to see how Dark Phantom also got banned from SWBFSpy for trying to kill the community:

Update 2019 - DPtroll is getting even worse these days, attacking our community, slandering and harassing phobos, copying our inventions, spreading hate, and more. be sure to ignore that troll and block him on every website.
Posted by fcrage   4 Comments
Aug 30, 2017 12:18 PM
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