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Full Tactical Soldiers - a small gaming community dedicated to public play
Established in the early 2007, Full Tactical Soldiers have now survived more than two years and are still in full strength.

Back in those times, we would ocassionaly play a clan war, but weren't too successful in these. We've been through some tournamens and we've won and lost several games, but we felt this is not the right type of fun we need. We decided to do something else - to provide a public server which would become our place to have fun.

This has happened, and our [FTS] Server has established a huge base of fans from the community. It's situated in Europe and is full practically every day.

We run a fixed rotation of all the stock maps, and all the stock gametypes except Search and Destroy. We have one bonus gametype - Hold the Flag, in which your team's objective is to hold a flag for 90 seconds, after which you get a point. You'll see it's fun if you pay a visit to us.

Server has a couple of small mods, all of which can be downloaded at our homepage or simply by connecting to the server (first, you need to allow downloading in Multiplayer Options). They are meant to enhance the gameplay, help in balancing the teams, and last but not least, to help us keep your gaming experience free of people using glitches. We have a protection system that will kill anyone using a map exploit (of course, it doesn't work for all of them, but it helps greatly against the best known ones).

So what are you waiting for, player? We want you to come on our server and have fun with us. If that's not enough for you, you can hop on our free public TS or, having asked for the password, you can get your clan and practice for yourself at our War Server - and we can host clan match for you too. Just don't expect us to play it.

Posted by bigev
Apr 10, 2009 11:34 PM