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Who are we ?
Jun 01, 2013 3:44 PM
|FX| SecDef Founder - Joined: Jan 18, 2013
Posts: 1
FX Team established in 2010 by SecDef and Vizjerei. We've started as a friend and chat clan but grew up day by day and reached a lot of members at different game platforms. Too many players have come and past. We had a lot of good and hard times together. As you see, none of hard times did not affect us. We're still together and will be. If you interested in with FX, you may be the piece of this team at FPS, Strategy, MMORPG and Browser game types.

Our games are sorted below;

-Call of Duty Series
-Age of Empires Series
-Medal of Honor Series
-Company of Heroes
-Counter Strike Series
-Left 4 Dead 2
-Diablo 3
-Khan Wars, Goalunited, Gladiatus and more...

If you have any question, feel free to contact us via pm.

FX Team
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