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Top Videos of Zombie Hideout
Oct 09, 2013 7:01 PM
Booglie Co-Founder - Joined: Oct 08, 2013
Posts: 2
Top 5 of 60 Zombie Hideout videos I made.

1st Top Video with the most views: (187,418 views)

Definitely good times captured here. It's an extremely short clip but viewed America's Favorite Homer Simpson and one of my favorite zombies, the Predator. Jokingly, this room was made for root admin props!

2nd Top Video (14,388 views

So many English speakers on the microphones as well. It was a good run for Kermit the Frog. All those special zombies sure enjoyed chasing him.

3rd Top Video (11,719 views)

One of my favorite instrumental beats remixed with this room was epic. To explain how the Gigante zombie infected me; I assumed he !zteled out of the laser room.

4th Top Video (9,520 views)

I'm actually surprised this video has generated this many views before my other and older videos. But I will admit, the moments were blissfully hilarious.

5th Top Video (7,084 views)

I had a terrible picking of the beginning credit font. Why did I make it scroll so fast that you can barely read it also? This video was an epic moment of an adrenaline rush. My most favorite part is the very beginning when the song starts, "I was walking..." and that's when I start walking into action!
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Oct 09, 2013 8:14 PM
Hiiragi Kagami Member - Joined: Jun 06, 2013
Posts: 6
Youtube Oh see nice game old back 2009 or 2010 ?

wow see Root admin like Best.