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it looked just like any other normal day ...
it looked just like any other normal day when the HiszY Servers went offline about four years ago and now here is why:

ok, first of all let me start saying that I'm really disappointed with myself about how this turned out and apologize about it, sorry guys, I know I should have posted this long, long time ago and that such a delay was not acceptable, I know. unfortunately, believe it or not, write such a message was not easy and I believe that you guys after all the time we spent together deserved more than a meaningless message stating the obvious, that the servers went offline, you didn't need me to tell you that. what you deserved instead was the real thing and get to the point however, address the issue in such a manner will take me a time I didn't really have at that time and would raise questions I couldn't even answer myself at that moment. so, I basically just leave it there and quit, like I said, I know it wasn't the right thing to do, I should have face it, and I'm not proud about it but unfortunately that was what I finally did.

then now I'll try to get you a picture of what happened with the HiszY thing. I'm going to try that this message doesn't get virtually endless (because it could definitively) then I'll start by putting here the several factors who took place in the issue, analyze them and then after that, elaborate a bit about the issue and end with and all around conclusion and if there's need to talk more, feel free to leave it in the comments or I can even edit this in the future. so, let's start with the factors now. the factors who took place in the issue were of various types, here are:

1) personal factors: let's see, I believe that my personal compromise with the project is totally out of question here, however what happens is that things just got out of hand. ok, let's be open here, I remember being here for something like from 10-11 in the morning to 2-3 in the night without barely stop to eat, 12+ hours working non-stop on this, you know, banning people, answering mails, admining the servers, improving the servers, just to name a couple of things, one day and the next and the next, weekends, holidays and everything and so on for more than a year and a half. that was something that totally couldn't continue like that so it wasn't that I changed it was that I had to change and I obviously end up doing it. then that was never my intention, when I started with this I just had the intention to build a cool and fun place with a couple of friends and spend a couple (or a couple of more but not 24/7) of hours maintaining it regularly and have fun learning and developing my skills, it just happened that with the time things turned like this. thus, with the time, I obviously started spending more and more time outside of this project and then less and less here. by the end I started pursing a soccer career and there my time for this got limited however even so and after all as you can see I always keep at least one eye on this

2) technical factors: at that time running Quake III Arena servers wasn't that easy, the Quake III Arena network was under heavy chain attacks nearly on a daily basis and although I had managed myself to deal with them it was a time consuming task. also the servers had very specific requirements, they just couldn't run everywhere and the public ones were already a bit outdated by the end, I just set them promptly at the beginning, initially they were supposed to be just transitional into the real thing, however it was about 3 years and such transition never really took place, they needed to be completely reworked from scratch. even myself got into technical issues, due to unfulfillment of specs by ati some of the parts I've got into my new computer didn't work as specced that plus a broken hard drive got me to lose quite a lot of time (months) and finally end up getting me out of a serious box to work the things out. I was just left with a micro laptop I've got in the event of a crisis scenario (luckily I had considered such a situation) and while I was able to do some admining from there it was clearly not enough for some serious admining. but the technical factors here wasn't just limited to the HiszY scope, at that time, the downtime of the servers at idsoftware and even of places like this, gametracker, was frequent and clearly above of what should be considered "normal" and few by few many of the things related with the project started to malfunction and/or simply disappear. those were also important factors who had an important impact in the quality of the service.

3) community factors: ok, let's be frank, it was a while since the community/scene was no longer how it used and should be, a fresh, cool and clean place for everybody. the ambient had turned heavy, turbulent and, generally speaking, unfriendly. I'm not talking about the alice in wonderland or life is pink world here, it's obvious that even in the own families, friendships and relationships in general there's arguments and conflicts so that's part of normal life (much more in a online FPS community). however one thing is that and another different story is that arguments and conflicts instead of take a part, and thus be a occasional thing, become the norm and the routine. let's face it here, it just reached a point that of the few times I had some time to join the servers, I didn't even enjoy playing on them anymore, it was no longer fun. it's a matter of fact that with the time, HiszY itself just had turned exactly like one of those sites for which I decided to build it in the first place. the lack of admining actions and follow up had clearly deteriorated a lot the scene, and I, as the head admin, assume full responsibility about it, unfortunately that's how things turned here. it wasn't that I just couldn't do anything, it's that it just didn't make sense to start kicking/banning most, at least most relevant, people, those who at the end were the sames who truly built the site. at the end there was no really rights and wrongs most situations and people was right and wrong, and wrong and right, at the same time.

4) staff factors: this was not always a issue, initially HiszY were created slowly and its staff consisted in something like 7 members at its peak, those were the times when things were going good. it happened that with the time some staff members who initially did good slowly just started to abuse their powers, use them just for their own benefit (instead of the whole community) or simply just do nothing about them at all, thus the staff population instead of grown started to shrink until a point where there was no more of a couple of staff members. finally the few staff members left and who were doing a good job, as expected, left because they saw them themselves overran with issues and the staff thing stopped to be cool and fun to become something more like a chore. then the staff population went down until it had no other members but me, its first member, and it never recovered again from that point. I know I should have rebuild a new staff team from there, unfortunately, that was just not possible, keep in mind that first, taking in consideration the players load, as explained, such a team should consist in at least 15 active members or so, and second that build, coach and monitor a new staff team is a dedicated (and highly time consuming) task in itself. so, at that moment I didn't really saw such a team, over the time, lot of people, either directly or indirectly, proposed for the place, unfortunately most of them were, for some reason or another, just not appropriate for the place. of all the people, I could only really tell of a couple of guys who could have got a staff place but unfortunately they didn't and about them I want to make a public apology here. I'm sorry guys, I know that was a bit unfair and that either way you should have got your chance to be part of the staff because you deserved it. unfortunately as pointed here, just a "couple" of guys wasn't really going to change anything and I just didn't want to hurt anyone (the staff members themselves, the own community, anyone) anymore with this, so I just end up taking it all by myself the best I could. also understand that building a new staff team wasn't very high in my priority list, unfortunately, as you can see now there was lot of other things to do.

5) economical factors: ok, let's speak the truth here, by the end of the project the financial crisis hit here and, while it never really became a problem to pay for the servers, what can I say, it was a relatively significant amount of money after all each month that it would be helpful if i could save it instead. I never really considered donations or any other kind of financial support model because after all, I wanted to keep this clean and ours and I didn't want to introduce differences between its players or have to rely and be restricted by the guidelines of a third party. the biggest issue here weren't the well known public servers, those were really tight set so they didn't cost me much, to me it was comparable to have a second phone or a cheap backup adsl line to put it on perspective, so it was something that, luckily, I could allow me to spend. the problem were the rest of the services, specially on the new definitive servers I was working on the background and that I only managed to release partially lost lot of money, so unfortunately, over the years things complicated at this point.

the list could keep going on but I believe that that should cover at least the most relevant factors here. so I think that now you can have a better and more fair picture of what happened with the HiszY scene. as you can see there wasn't really a single reason that you can give to why the servers went offline since at some point, each point, were individually fixable on their own, so it was really more of a sum of factors that all together lead to the end of HiszY since at the end everything formed part of the project. anyways, if I would have to give some reason in particular it would be technical, after all, I kept dedicating some time and paying for the servers until some day for some unknown reason (that I would have like to know) the servers just stopped working. it could have been a malfunction, an issue or a service discontinuation, I'll never know because at that time I didn't have the time (nor the resources) to really dig it so I just had to leave it. similarly for some unknown reason all of the sudden one day I also lost the ownership of the domain, who knows, I obviously didn't forgot to renew it in term, now weather that renew simply failed or they just removed my ownership for whatever reason it's something I'll never know since unfortunately I didn't have the time double/triple check it as usual.

so now finally taking a look back and seeing the big picture here, believe it or not, may be the forms weren't the most adequate, I definitively should have addressed it directly, but after all I believe that end up at that point it was the right thing for everybody. you know, sometimes when you just get in a place and you have done your own thing you just have to move out so new people can come in and have the things going, because in the end, that was all. I always said that this was never about me neither about the servers, it was always really about you because you were in the end the ones who really made HiszY possible. basically it made no sense that I continue with this (or that I came back), it was over, it wasn't really about me or "HiszY" anymore, the things changed, they were just different and things were never going to be like they used to. it was another thing, I wasn't going to be of any help anymore, I could only have brought more division and yet more wars, nothing really meaningful. the best option for everybody was for me to stay away from this changes and let the things go on their own and on your own and that was what happened. I also want to say here that I'm very proud to have seen that you guys finally did manage to continue with this on your own and see that somehow and may be in some other different way but you still continue to do nowadays in the present, good job guys.

may be it was a bit premature, or may be not, we could really never tell for sure what would have happened, however taking a look at other places what we can tell for sure is that HiszY was simply one of the first big names of the scene to "disappear" (to change, here) at that time. either way, even the very own servers some time after they went down got discontinued by the hosting company and at that time set up a new host for me wasn't really a option, so as much they could have gone for around half a season more. thus, HiszY wouldn't have completed another season, it would have crashed and collapsed before either for some reason or another. I now believe that it was the right moment to leave for everybody.

ok guys so that's all as the HiszY Head, I hope I haven't annoyed you with the lecture (if it's that by now there's still someone reading hahaha). I'm finally very very happy to have managed me to pull off this post, I really wanted to let you guys know and fully explain the issue and even if late I finally did.

nothing more, just wish everybody a good chirstmas time and a happy new year and wish that everybody is doing good

take care
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Dec 23, 2016 6:18 PM
Merry Chritsmas 2011!!!
hey hi there guys and girls

HiszY wanna wish everybody a merry chritsmas for you and all your people, HiszY really hope that you enjoy of this warm holiday time with the good company of your closest people and that all your wishes during this motivational time come finally true.

best regards
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Dec 23, 2011 7:15 PM
New Official HiszY Teams & Clans site
hey hi there

well after more than three years of the HiszY project I think that is time to move into a new level, as commented after so many time the truth is that what started just as a simple small server for casual fun has evolved and grew very much into really become much more than just "a couple of game servers".

actually the HiszY Servers are visited by lot of players every day of the year and obviously with the time many of them have established relationships and/or also teamed up on different teams and/or clans building a real players base wich really enrich HiszY but at the same it also make any kind of organization a bit dificult so in oder to help in that is why the HiszY Teams & Clans site has been created.

obviously such thing it was and it's outside the original design/scope of this site, this site is mainly dedicated to our services and also to our players team, so basically the purporse of the new HiszY Teams & Clans site is to promote and help in the interaction between the different players, teams and clans that frequent HiszY.

thus if you frequent the HiszY Servers and you would like a site where to stop give the HiszY teams & Clans site on the link bellow a try.

ok, nothing more, enjoy and have fun

best regards
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Dec 06, 2011 10:39 AM
New Official HiszY Junior Division
hi there everybody

with the time each time at HiszY we've been finding more and more young people that it's interested in join us but unfortunately due age restrictions they can't.

it's not that we have something agaisnt young people and be yourself or that there's something wrong with that, that's ok, but it's just that with the time it has been proven that is people that are always dificult to deal with and most times they just end simply being a source of conflicts/problems/unnecessary argue or similar so we finally decided to impose a age limit in order to keep a more mature and clean ambient.

then at HiszY we understand that people should relate with people of their similar characteristics, in this case age, in order to have a successfull relationship so in order to satisfy this and the demand of these players to play under a HiszY tag is how the Official HiszY Junior Division has started.

so if you're a minor and you're interested in join HiszY do not apply here, the HiszY Junior Division is your palce, it's the HiszY external Division made by the youngest and for the youngest.

have fun, enjoy, more to come


Official HiszY Junior Division -

leave your comments here - or visit the original thread here
Posted by adminless   3 Comments
Feb 14, 2011 2:09 PM
HiszY Servers social/sotsialnoi pages
hi there everybody

***** international version *****

well it has been a while since the HiszY Servers and their players have been around so as it's to understand in this time people also have stablished personal relationships between them however the servers are the appropiate place to initiate and continue sharing a part of the relationship but they are not the appropiate place to hold a complete relationship so in this purpose is how the HiszY Servers social page has been create.

then if you're a fan of these internet social things nowdays HiszY wanna invite you to go there and meet the other players with who you spend your time daily and share some experiences and a good time outside what it's just the normal scope of a game servers.

and finally I just want to finish with a reflection, as it's to understand it's outside the HiszY scope to moderate places or relationships that do not directly belong to HiszY however at the same time HiszY wanna call their users to make a fair and sane use of these services, the technology itslef will never be bad what it's bad is the usage that the persons make of it, so please keep that in mind, you in your room are alone but at the other end of the wire there's more people then please act with others like you would do if they would be next to you so please keep the forms and stay respectfull and educate.

NOTE: the credit for this initiative goes to our dear member 7, thanks 7

***** Русская версия *****

Ну, это было время, так как HiszY серверов и их игроки были вокруг так, как это понять, в это время люди также укреплены личные отношения между ними Однако серверы подходящее место для начала и продолжить обмен части отношений, но они не являются подходящим местом для проведения полного отношения так и в этих целях как HiszY Серверы социальной странице создать.

Тогда, если вы являетесь поклонником этих интернет-социальной наших дней вещи HiszY хочу пригласить вас туда и познакомиться с другими игроками, с которыми вы проводите время ежедневно и поделиться опытом и хорошо провести время за пределами, что это просто нормальная сфера игры серверов.

и, наконец, я просто хочу, чтобы покончить с отражением, как это, чтобы понять, что это за пределами HiszY возможности для умеренного мест или отношений, которые напрямую не принадлежат HiszY однако в то же HiszY время хотят называть своих пользователей, чтобы сделать справедливый и разумный использования эти услуги, технология сама по себе никогда не будет плохо, что это плохо, это использование, что лица, сделать его, поэтому, пожалуйста, имейте это в виду, вы в вашей комнате одни, но на другом конце провода есть больше людей, пожалуйста, действуют с другими людьми, как вы могли бы сделать, если они будут рядом с вами, поэтому, пожалуйста, держать формы и оставаться respectfull и воспитывать.

ПРИМЕЧАНИЕ: кредит на эту инициативу идет на наших игроков дорогой России, благодаря России игроков за Вашу инициативу
Posted by adminless   6 Comments
Jan 19, 2011 12:52 PM
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