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Mega update Counter-Strike: Global Offensive - Huntsman
Salutare dungați, vă anunțăm că pășim cu dreptul în acest început de lună, VALVE ne aduce aduce în această vară un mega update ce include o cutie nouă și o capsulă nouă + multe alte fixeds foarte importante.

- Added the Huntsman Case.
- Added the Bank Collection to the drop list.
- Added Community Sticker Capsule One.

- The bomb inventory icon in the UI now shows an arrow when you pick it up in a addition to the sound and center screen message.
- Fixed some relative positioning of elements to the radar to work consistently with hud scaling and resolution.
- Players now have the option to adjust HUD elements. This includes:
-- Place the Player Count element at the top of the screen or bottom (cl_hud_playercount_pos).
-- Show all avatars in the Player Count element or just the player count number (cl_hud_playercount_showcount).
-- Size the Radar element (cl_hud_radar_scale).
-- Choose a color to display the main parts of the HUD (health, ammo, money, etc) (cl_hud_color).
-- Adjust the HUD background alpha for the colored elements. (cl_hud_background_alpha).
-- Select to show the bomb position under the radar or in the default inventory position (cl_hud_bomb_under_radar).
-- Display the health and ammo with or without bars/bullets (cl_hud_healthammo_style).
- Updated the look of the options menu.
- Removed the pop-up confirmation dialogue in the video options menu with tooltips.
- Added some tooltips to various options menu widgets.
- Dropdown panels now don't go away and reappear when you click on them.
- Drop panels will now hide if you click on the header when they are open.
- The health number in the health panel now supports displaying numbers greater than 100.
- Fixed the health bar not scaling properly with health greater than 100.
- When a player opens a sticker capsule on the game server it will now correctly print in chat the rarity and actual sticker found.

- UPS, M4A1-S, & CZ75a are now available in Community Arms Race and Demolition games. To use them, add them to your server's gamemodes config file.
- Increased default downloadable file size from servers to 150MB, added client launch option -maxdownloadfilesizemb N if clients needs to download even larger files from community servers.
- Added a convar weapon_reticle_knife_show, when enabled will show knife reticle on clients to be used for game modes requiring target id display when holding a knife.

- Starting the game with a different anti-virus or in different paged pool memory configuration will no longer reset all video settings.
- Fixed matchframework shutdown order during dedicated server shutdown process.

- Seaside
-- Added bomb teleport trigger, to prevent bomb getting stuck in water

- Overpass
-- Removed one-way dropdown near entrance to bombsite B, making the site easier to defend
-- Reduced volume of environment sounds
-- Removed ramp at back of truck in Bombsite A
-- Updated radar
-- Added cover in T side of canal
-- Made upper park divider wider
-- Improved visibility in park

- Inferno
-- More accurate collision model on blue truck

Noua cutie ne aduce în scenă următoarele iteme:
Tec-9 | Isaac
SSG 08 | Slashed
Dual Berettas | Retribution
Galil AR | Kami
P90 | Desert Warfare
CZ75-Auto | Poison Dart

AUG | Torque
PP-Bizon | Antique
MAC-10 | Curse
XM1014 | Heaven Guard

M4A1-S | Atomic Alloy
SCAR-20 | Cyrex
USP-S | Orion

AK-47 | Vulcan
M4A4 | Howl

or an Exceedingly Rare Huntsman Knife!

Vă punem la dispoziție două colaje cu noile iteme incluse în noua cutie.

Cireașa de pe tort dacă o putem numi așa în acest update este adăugarea unui nou model de cuțit, numit: ★ Huntsman Knife.
Acest cuțit se dropează doar în această cutie, iar posibilitatea de a vă dropa la deschidere alt model de cuțit (Karambit/Flip/GUT/Bayonet/M9 Bayonet) este nulă.

Vă urăm mult succes.

EDIT: Pentru interesații de animația noului cuțit pun la dispoziție un mic video. [activitatea începe de la minutul 1:00]

Posted by atenus
May 02, 2014 7:56 AM