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More servers, more fun!
Since the F2P update, Lethal-Zone is hosting a lot more servers than before. Besides expanding simply the server list, the community has also expanding as a whole.
For TF2 this means: not less than 6 All Maps servers, the concept-winning servers from Lethal-Zone that offers great regular gameplay without any further adjustments, with a great mappool, chosen by the players themselves and a good all-round skill of the players. But also variety of mods, for when you're tired of the regular TF2 experience.

However Lethal-Zone is no longer just a community. For some time now LZ sponsors multiple competitive gaming teams. On this moment, Lethal-Zone is represented by three LZ.war teams that fight bravely for the honour of LZ in The European Team Fortress 2 Leauge.

Below follows the complete, current LZ server list. Enjoy and don't forget to visit to meet up with all the great regulars and see that LZ has much more to offer than just servers to play on!

Team Fortress 2 [EU] TF2 All maps #1 [EU] TF2 All maps #2 [EU] TF2 All maps #3 No Crits [EU] TF2 All maps #4 [EU] TF2 All maps #5 [EU] TF2 All maps #6 [EU] TF2 Payload Server [EU] TF2 2Fort nextgen [EU] TF2 SAXTON HALE [EU] TF2 VS SAXTONER [EU] TF2 DODGEBALL [EU] TF2 PROPHUNT [EU] TF2 BBALL [EU] TF2 TRADE SERVER [EU] TF2 MGE 24/7 [EU] TF2 ARENA [EU] TF2 Idle


Left 4 Dead [EU] L4D #1 [EU] L4D #2 [EU] L4D #3 [EU] L4D #4 [EU] L4D #5 [EU] L4D #6 [EU] L4D #7 [EU] L4D #8

Left 4 Dead 2 [EU] L4D2 #1 [EU] L4D2 #2 [EU] L4D2 #3 [EU] L4D2 #4 [EU] L4D2 #5 [EU] L4D2 #6 [EU] L4D2 #7 [EU] L4D2 #8

Minecraft [EU] Lethal-Zone Minecraft

Voice Server
Use forum login/password to login or connect through our forum!

All our server have HlstatsX:

Visit us on Quakenet IRC on #lethalzone

And yes, we are a non-profit community that lives of donations.
Posted by lethalzone   1 Comment
Sep 09, 2011 12:40 PM
TF2 Prophunt server back online ! New and Improved.
Starting today the Lethal-Zone TF2 Prophunt server is back online again.
Same IP, different portnumber so it now can be found at

As you might know it broke down after the TF2 Demoman/Soldier upgrade.
The intended fixup, version 1.4, was disapproved by AlliedModders so we skipped that one.
Two days ago version 1.5 was released with new features so I spend most of my time yesterday to setup a new TF2 Prophunt server.
And here it is.
Will make an announcement through the Steam Community as well today.

I hope you all will enjoy this new server. I know I will.

Prophunt changelog since version 1.3:
Added several new official maps!
Added new and improved jetpack, without the DukeHacks requirement.
BLU is now permanently Jarated when there is only one prop left.
It is no longer possible to freeze your prop while moving, which fixes many exploits.
Completely refactored the code to be much lighter and more optimised. It's about 20kb/500 lines shorter now.
No more OnGameFrame - prop movement now runs on PreThink, and the CP Bonus is handled by a Touch hook.
No more DukeHacks - moved everything to native SM and SDK Hooks.
No more Hooker - the game description change is now done by SDK Hooks.
No more reloading between rounds - the race condition and entity index bugs are now fixed properly.
Replaced #define WHORE with IsDedicatedServer()
Replaced #define AO with a hostname check.
Fixed exploit where BLU demoman (and perhaps other classes) could become invisible and get all their weapons.
Shortened hud text spam time.
Fixed bug where props would sometimes get their prop stuck on them while spectating after death.
Fixed a number of race condition bugs.
Entity indexes are no longer relied upon for certain prop related functions.
Fixed significant random timer bug (broke everything and eventually crashed the server) due to incorrect usage of KillTimer over CloseHandle.
Fixed a number of inefficient operations in PreThink which caused noticeable lag and server fps drops.
PropHunt now works out of the box on listen servers.

Due to huge demand from Shinkz, Natascha is no longer permitted and Sniper with everything but Sniper Rifle has been added along with Demoman+Eyelander. Can be toggled with #define SHINX.
(Stats-only) !statsme now prints your stats to everyone rather than duplicating !rank functionality.
Various bugfixes and minor improvements.
Jan 08, 2010 1:06 PM Gaming Community Server List
News Flash *

It has been a while since we updated our serverlist completely so here it is.
In the last couple of month several servers have been changed or added so before I go to the extensive list of our servers I will go over to the headlights.

Some of you might have seen this tag around and still wonder what its all about wel, you can read that at Introduction to lz.war
Already heard of it and want to join?
Sign in HERE now !

Server News
Since the Soldier/Demo update the Prophunt Mod was not functioning properly anymore so for the time being we decided to make it a Xmas theme server. Now it has turned into our ETF2L Maps server and its in the same HLstats:CE group as the All Maps 1, 2 and the Payload 24 slots servers.
Best of two worlds we think. ETF2L active players can play on the ETF2L Maps AND work on their stats

We also created a second HLstatsX:CE group for the Fast Respawn servers.

So is Prophunt dead? No, not by far but the creator (DarkImmortal) had to rewrite this mod completely. I will not bore you with the technical details but I can tell you version 1.4 is currently available but has been disapproved by the SourceMod team since it contained a lot of old code.
Version 1.5, a clean rewritten version, will be released soon.
We are already prepared for that release and the Prophunt server will rise again soon at IP

Whats more to tell?
Well we have a brand new Counter-Strike:Source Soccer Mod server.
Like to join in a tournament?

Is this all? No, but we'll keep something for the near future
Jan 08, 2010 1:02 PM
Presenting: TF2 Dodgeball on!
As of today, we now have our own Voogru's dodgeball server!
From within the community there was a request we set up such a server and we went to work to make sure we got one
As some of you know there aren't many dodgeball servers around, especially in Europe.
Voogru, the mod builder, hosts this mod exclusive on his own servers and we're one of the few other servers who actually get to host this mod

Almost forgot the most important thing: the ip! [EU] #7 DODGEBALL

Cya ingame!
Sep 19, 2009 11:43 PM
TF2 server additions + new KOTH server!
We have set up a KOTH server for you to enjoy the new gameplay available since the last TF2 update here: [EU] TF2 #7 KOTH

TF2#3 has changed it's config to the one used in etf2l leagues making it the most ''pro'' playing server we offer for tf2
no crits, a lot of maps used in wars, but on a public server!
Read more here:

TF2#5 has been modified for the RMF Abilities pack which adds all sorts of abilities the tf2 classes. You can read about it here:

In addition, we added presets! a sort of roll the dice plugin but now you get a present after you kill someone ( 25% chance). consequences are your own responsibility
More here :
Server ip: [EU]'s LOONIE BIN! - FAST RESPAM - RMF Ability

Server TF2#6 now also offers, next to our own LZ_BBALL map the well known ctf_bball2 and the duel_duel2_pro map!
This means you can play 1vs1, 2vs2 and 3vs3 matches or for fun on the servers. Rock The Vote command has been added to change the map before end of the round of needed
Server ip: [EU] TF2 #6 LZ_BBALL|DUEL2_PRO

So that's the TF2 update for now.
Aug 17, 2009 2:00 AM
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