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Next interesting feature will be Antigua initial drop
Imagine the very first arrival, not at a base near Paraiso, but in Antigua, with the aim of reaching a base occupied by a small enemy force and liberating it before the main US invasion begins.
As only you complete this short task, you will arrive to the base all next times in the mission.

Since the beginning of September, the second (smaller and easier) part of this promised feature has already been implemented. At the beginning, you don't arrive at the base, but are ejected with a parachute near Somato. Or somewere else, depending on your parachute type.
After landing (if successfull) you have to make your own way to the base. After reaching base your respawn is produced at the base/MHQ, as it was originally coded by Xeno the Great!
Mar 28, 2022 5:55 AM
DOSAAF is in use from now!
Last big improvement in the mission is DOSAAF vehicles near finished battle field. DOSAAF (ДОСААФ) means Voluntary Society for Assistance to the Army, Aviation and Navy (Добровольное Общество Содействия Армии, Авиации и Флоту). Twas a kind of USSR military training system for the civilian population.<br><br>

P.S. In start time this feature was named as "Prizes On Battlefields" (instead of base ones) (POB)!
Nov 23, 2021 2:40 AM
Teleport influenced by ferro-magnetic mass and MHQ damage near receiver point
In follow mission runs any teleportation will be influenced by ferro-magnetic masses posed near receiver point and by teleporter vehicle damage too.
Shift distance for tele-jump depends on the number of iron armored vehicles near and their distance to the MHQ. Damage of teleporter vehicle influence directly as (20 m * (danage vehicle)).
Oct 24, 2021 9:22 AM
Lighthouse / Intro
1. Lighthouses make appropriate sounds at night.
2. Most items of intro music are now labeled in lower left corner duding login flight.
3. TV-Tower now can be killed only by manual blasting, not from any canon or any other weapons/vehicle strikes.
4. New type of ssecondary mission in towns - search and destroy secret sabotage stashes.
5. New score system in main towns. Now you get victory prize up to the +40 only when struggle in near town neigbourhood (+150 м. outer space of boundary) and only by direct killing with rifle, not from any vehicle.
Sep 23, 2021 9:56 AM
Happy a New Year!!!
Dec 31, 2020 12:16 PM
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1 ArmA Armed Assault ACE/CO/10/USSR_RED_ENGINEERS 0/0 Russian Federation Unknown
About Us
We are a small group of Warsaw Pact soldiers trying to liberate the little island of Sahrani from the black designs of the Western Jewish-Financial Mafia (see information in the notebook on the map).

To join us, you need: ARMA 1.18, an ACE 1.09 mod, and a delayed parajump at the big airfield near the town of Paraiso.
And a few mandatory rules: always leave one of the MHQs on the airbase, don't generate garbage on the base, return all vehicles to where they were before, never kill vehicles on the base/SPPM.

On the server you will see unique GRUe missions (find and deliver a map from an occupied city), hear over 200 specially directed sounds, meet strong AA defenses, rugged artillery observers and real friends! You also get to be in the skin of a GDR or Cuban volunteer. And so on an [show more]
Сайт "Красные инженеры" (на русском)
Red Engineers site (English translate)
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