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Top Tactical Servers
12 Jan 2012
The top 5 co-op tactical servers are: SAS Proving Ground, ETS Tactical Pro, Sog team Pro, Sog team 1, ETS Tactical. AST has recently changed servers and are once again making the climb toward the top rankings. If you are careful about not wasting time playing on poorly adminned servers, you should only play in the servers I mention here. Organized team play is the rule rather than the exception. Check out this forum for tips to improve your play and join one of these servers for a fun yet serious game.
Jan 12, 2012 7:36 AM
Congratulations to AST
I would like to recognize the guys at AST (Advanced SWAT Tactics) for their server's steady climb up the gametracker ranks! AST is now up to 69th overall and is now the #2 tactical co-op server being tracked. SAS is currently #1 and is ranked 48th overall. Keep on climbing, AST!

MHS (Major's H0m0s and Sh1t3Stabbers) claims to be number one, but they are not popular enough to make that claim. Sorry, Major
Nov 29, 2011 9:13 PM
Do You Want More Out of SWAT 4:TSS?
If you are a regular player on the SAS Proving Ground, register with our website at, make an introductory post, play responsibly on the server, and you will be only inches away from being granted access to our Training Ground server, where you will find the absolute best SWAT 4:TSS realistic, team, co-op play! What are you waiting for?
Nov 13, 2011 11:28 AM
New Forum Threads
Several topics have been started in the SWAT 4 tactical questions forum. Check it out and post your comments today!

Don't forget to checkout forums for much more great content!

As always, please register with or stop by our server for routinely outstanding game play!
Oct 06, 2011 9:08 AM
SAS Proving Ground 4 Surging toward the Top
We started in August with a Game Tracker page and made our debut at 173rd in the SWAT server rankings. Since that time, we have steadily climbed the chart to our current location of 36th. We have risen has high as 33rd in the past month, which was our highest ranking ever.

I want to thank all the people who visit our server and main website regularly. You have made this progress possible. You have proved that there is a place for serious, tactically-proper, co-operative gameplay within the SWAT 4: TSS community.

Keep voting for realism with your continued support of our server, website and our new game tracker page.

Please contribute to the discussions on this forum or our main forum.

If you are interested in joining the 22nd SAS Elite Virtual Regiment, stop by, register with the site, make an introductory post in the forum, add your xfire information to the xfire forum thread, complete an application, and PLAY REGULARLY in the server!!

Good Luck!!
Sep 11, 2011 11:56 AM
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1148 TeamSpeak 3 22nd [SAS] EVR TeamSpeak 3 Join 0/512 Denmark TeamSpeak 3
8 SWAT 4 SAS Proving Ground 8 0/10 Denmark Combat Zone
7 SWAT 4 SAS Proving Ground 4 0/10 Denmark UnderWorld
About Us
Visit us at for more information.
The 22nd [SAS] Elite Virtual Regiment is based on the British Army's 22nd SAS Regiment. Just as the British SAS represent the spearhead of modern-day special operations teams, our virtual regiment is at the forefront of elite tactical gaming teams. Our [SAS] is a group of serious, tactical-minded gamers who enjoy turning off from the real world and playing tactical games in a virtual military environment. The experience we provide to our members includes the use of realistic weaponry, tactics, training and ranks. Of course, the main goals of the team are for our members to have good laugh, enjoy the comraderie, improve our skills and play great games!

We play a variety of games, but we are centred around Arma 3, Insurgency, Rainbow [show more]
22nd SAS Elite Virtual Regiment
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