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/SPARTA/ mod information
May 28, 2022 10:59 AM
Ki1Lu Founder - Joined: Jun 11, 2015
Posts: 12
We would like to give you an insight into our server, more precisely into our server mods and scripts.

On our servers run different scripts and mods, not all mods refer to all servers.

Here is the overview:

Duplicate Names Script:

This script prevents cheaters from taking the names of other players on the server, making it difficult for admins to ban the right person. The player who takes someone else's name will be kicked from the server automatically and directly.

Advanced server names:

In all admin tools and in all game server lists you will always, before joining get an overview of certain information, directly in the server name. Thus, they can decide early whether they want to join the server, or not.

Ingame Live Game Server Viewer:

You have with us (ingame) the possibility without having to go out of the game, a live server view. From this view, they can by pressing a button, directly connect another server and connect to it.

Custom main menu:

Our customized main menu also shows them here a complete overview of all our game servers. Also here they can with a click on the desired server, directly connect to this server without having to leave the game.

Wrong Player Script:

You will always see two players connecting continuously to the server via the scoreboard and in the game server lists. This is to help our game servers rank better so they don't get lost in the game server lists. The fake players have real names, which means that our servers are not shown as (bot servers).

Ingame Admin Tool:

We provide our admin with a custom developed admin tool. Our admins can call ingame their own menu, in which they have their own Rcon tool. The admins can kick and ban cheaters directly from the game without delay, change the map or do other things. Since it goes out of the game, no external software is needed and most importantly, our admins can act faster than on any other servers, so that the gaming experience for our players is the best possible.


In addition to our in-game Rcon or Admin tool, we now have a logfile system. The system automatically saves every action of every admin. It is so obvious who did what, at what time. Thus, the control and tracking is always given.


Of course, a little bit of advertising for the work done may not be missing, between the rounds in the upper left corner a small ad is switched, which shows that this is a server of Akuma. This also helps to find out on which server the respective player is currently located. On servers, with this insertion they always receive the full service, which they can read here. Servers that do not offer this overlay are not Akuma servers and the great features, scripts and mods are unfortunately not available.

Customized server messages:

Through our server messages you will hold all the possible information you need. Information about the server rules, about the running scripts and other news will be shown to them here. Unlike all other servers, the messages are not sent in the upper left corner of the console, no with us they are displayed in the lower left, so they are not the whole screen with text messages zugespamt.

The current mod version is: 3.12a
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