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Call of Duty² - Serverrules:
May 28, 2022 11:09 AM
Ki1Lu Founder - Joined: Jun 11, 2015
Posts: 12
Description of the rules and regulations:

1. Cheating & glitches are not allowed on the server. If you are caught cheating and glitching, you will be banned without warning. This is your only warning, disable and remove all cheats. We play fair. If you accuse someone of cheating, you must provide a valid argument or you will be kicked from the server.
Just because someone is a good player doesn't mean they cheat. If you suspect a cheater, make a demo to substantiate your claim and write an e-mail to an admin or create a ban request in the forum, we also offer you the opportunity to download the demos on our discord server in the "upload- demos" so that we can investigate the issue.

Among others, the following cheats lead to a ban (Wallhack, Aimbot, Norecoil).

2. Any exploitation of the geometry or physics of the game will result in a warning and may eventually result in elimination from the game. Jumps (off-map) also result in an immediate ban on our servers.

3. No Recruitment - We don't mind other clans playing on our servers, it's all for fun and numbers, but we will not tolerate other clans posting pages, promoting their clans and doing website and player recruitment. If your clan is caught doing any of the above, you and your friends will be banned.

4. Sex, religion and politics must not be discussed at any time. We're here to play, not to have heated arguments. keep your opinion to yourself. Racism and other offensive comments or opinions are taken very seriously by the admins.

5. In-Game Chat: - The admins do not condone excessive use of bindings and taunts in-game. Constant use of binds or taunts is annoying and we will not tolerate it. We have kicked players for being a nuisance and will continue to do so. Please show some respect, it goes without saying that we don't want curses on our servers. Spamming with Voice Chat (Quick Messages) is prohibited.
6.Complaints: - If you have a complaint, please contact an admin. If you have a problem with an admin or another player, contact another admin.

7. Respect all other players on the server and in the forum. Any derogatory remarks about the servers, admins, members or the clan in general will be deleted and the player will be banned from the servers and forum and will not receive any support in the future. Any kind of insult will result in a ban, not just from the servers but from the entire community.

8. Obey your admins: - What they say counts, so don't put yourself in a situation where we are forced to make a decision about your status and future on the server/website/clan.

9. We expect all members to understand that when they play, they represent our clan as a whole and that any behavior that reflects badly on our clan will be punished by the admins.

10. No advertising other server IPs or asking our players to switch to other servers - this will result in an instant ban.

11. Namestealing: - Stealing and using nicknames is forbidden, as well as using a name-changing script that assumes the name of another player on the server every second. Using such a script and stealing the name of other players will directly lead to ban on our servers and from the whole community.

12. Grenade Team Kill: - It goes without saying that we do not tolerate team kills in the form of grenade kills. Throwing a grenade at team members and going directly into spectator mode will result in a direct ban from our servers.

13. Blocking: - Blocking other players will be severely punished by our admins. The admins are free to remove players who block other players from the server. In the event of repeated blocking, our admins are entitled to permanently ban the person concerned.

14. Macro scripts: - The use of macros and scripts (M1 scripts) is prohibited and will lead to a ban on our servers after an initial warning.

15. Clipping: - "Clipping" is fundamentally forbidden with us! It's up to the admins to decide what's okay and what's too much. For us, the key combination (space+c+lean) also counts for clipping and is punished with a ban after a warning. "Clip" is basically the key combination (space+ctrl), but we feel it's inappropriate for a player to use it to gain an unfair advantage. In this case it is clear, even with the key combination (space+c+lean) it leads to situations where the opponent can't even see the clipping player, but gets killed by the shots, this is an unfair advantage and this will pass immediately punished with a ban from the servers after a warning.

16. Bad language: - At Akuma, we are international and use the world language (English) as our slang in the community. Using other languages or writing in other languages can be punished by the admins, in the worst case it can lead to a ban from the servers and from the community.

17. FPS limit: - Using 333 FPS or more is forbidden and will result in a direct kick from the server. We run a maximum limit of 250 FPS. The 333 FPS gives you an unfair advantage over other players. Steps sometimes make no noise when using 333 FPS and jumping onto unwanted objects or to unwanted positions on the maps leads to unfair advantages and, in the worst case, is punished by the admins with a permanent ban.

18. AFK: - Players who are in spectator mode for a longer period of time can be expelled from the server by our admins. However, they may rejoin the server when they are ready to actively play again. Brief times in spectator mode are permitted.

19. Weapon Blocking: - Weapon blocking, in the form of AFK times during rounds, is also prohibited and may result in a ban from the servers. Our admins are entitled to put people in spectator mode or to expel them from the server after repeated repetitions.

20. Maximum ping: - Too high pings of individual players also lead to a ban on our servers. Admins are entitled to expel players from the server who have a too high ping.

21. Lagging – F12: - We do not allow the use of the "F12" key. Using this button creates an unfair advantage in which the player using the button is very laggy and unavailable to the opponent. Since this is an unfair advantage, our admins are entitled to kick the players who use this button and ban them after repeating the server several times.

22. Weapon Sharing: - Sharing the following weapons (trench gun and sniper rifle) to other team members is prohibited and will result in a ban on our servers.

23. Players who have a too high ping and therefore lagging very much, will be expelled from the server! The admins are entitled to kick players with too high pings and even ban them after a new occurrence.

Discord - Serverrules:

24. Don't be disrespectful to anyone!
25. Do not advertise other servers/websites or anything else!
26. Don't spam!
27. Don't mention anyone without an appropriate reason!