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The Syndicate is made up of clans who are, or were, involved in the Star Wars: Battlefront 1 & 2 Games, regardless of platform. Our love for battlefront kept us coming back to it. We were made great by the competition between clans, now we are brothers and sisters united. We are the originals.

Standards for joining
-The Clan must have had significant history in SWBF1 or 2.
-The Clan must be willing to obey the few tenets required to maintain membership in the Syndicate. (Syn)
-The Clan must elect or appoint a representative to join the Syndicate Council. (SC)

Tenets of the Syndicate
-Must register and participate on the Syndicate website.
-Clans are to wear their original tags and operate as usual, unless they can wear 2 tags (depending on how EABF's clan support is set up), in which case they will also wear Syndicate tags. {Syn} (Tags prone to change)
-There will be community-wide events and tournaments. (clan and individual)
-Those events will be created by anyone in the Syndicate, and must be proposed to a representative of every clan for approval.
-Participation in Syndicate events is not mandatory, but highly encouraged. It’s better when everyone attempts to participate.
-Amendments must be approved by 2/3 of the clan representatives in the Syndicate Council. (SC)
-Clans can have their own rules, however they must abide by the SWBFModders community standards as well while on the Syndicate or SWBFModders website, and while participating in any Syndicate events.

If one member of a clan violates a tenet, they will be given a warning. After three warnings, their leadership will be notified, and the leaders of the clan can handle it how they wish. If it continues after that, one warning will be given to the leadership, then after that the clan of the person in question must boot him/her from the clan, or the clan will be removed from the Syndicate. If the entire clan goes against the tenets after three warnings they will be removed from the Syndicate. The rules aren't difficult to follow, and they only have to be followed under certain conditions. It is important that each clan makes sure their members obey the rules when using the Syndicate website or forums, and when in Syndicate events.
Posted by fcrage
Apr 24, 2015 5:11 AM