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Server rules
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Viper Tongue Conan Exiles
Admins always available through Discord.

Conan Exiles Viper Tongue Rule List
Servers must have rules to avoid chaos. We don’t have many, however there are some basic principles that all players need to understand when joining Viper Tongue Server.

1.) Server allows up to 10 players per clan. No killing on sight. This will unfortunately happen and you will be warned and banned if continued after the first warning. This is to encourage conversation and role playing. You must have a legitimate reason for killing another player (you were raided, clan/ guild wars, fighting over resources etc.) There must be communication before battle via chat or VOIP. Be respectful of fresh spawns and help them or leave them alone until they can defend themselves. High level “fresh spawn killers” will be not be tolerated. There is more productive things to do than humiliate someone who is just getting started. This is a pvp server and there will be battles but please try to start a dialog first, so we know why we are fighting and what we are fighting for.

2.) No hacking, glitching, exploiting, stream sniping, or botting. No Impersonating admins in any way. No racism, sexism, homophobia, hate speech or advertising. Excessive harassment towards anyone will result in a Temp-ban, if repeated, Perma-ban. Do not spam, excessive spam will result in a Perma-ban as well.

3.) If you are a Troll player generating a negativity on our server you will be banned at our discretion. We are here to have fun on our server with our friends and players and will not deal with Trolls trying to ruin the fun or exploit the game.

4.) Intentionally disclosing personal information of other players on our server is not tolerated. You will be warned and banned at our discretion. We are all exiles here.

5.) No Raiding your own clan/guild from within. Should you choose to leave a clan/guild, you leave with what the owner of the clan/guild says is yours, or nothing. This is to prevent complaints of inside raiding. Screenshot the chat of what the owner says is yours so there is no confusion.

6.) DO NOT spam pillar/foundations to claim land — the game does have a natural smart decay system but please be considerate of prospective build space and clean up after yourself to prevent unnecessary land claims.
DISCLAIMER: As Admins we do play on this server. We are not only here to administrate necessary issues on the server. We like to enjoy the game as the developers intended for us as well. These rules are subject to change via the community’s discretion.
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Feb 26, 2017 5:44 PM
US Founder
US Member
There are no servers assigned to this clan.
About Us
Viper Tongue is a Conan Exiles clan that is intended to help players grow on our server so we can have fun and engaging PVP battles as the game was intended. We play fair and do not tolerate cheaters.
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