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Teach them the basics of adminship.
May 22, 2016 11:18 AM
Non-member Joined: Jan 14, 2013
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Don't take it on your ego, but seriously atleast have some responsibility and put on some effort in training your admins after recruiting them. I was playing on this sv today and there was this guy Mayuresh I suppose, an admin, no doubt in that.

The map was korfez or kabul idk, it was either of them, so it is natural for the terrorists to throw nades in the open area above the t spawn. When few of the terrorists do it at the same time it looks like cts as if it's a chain nade. Now the guy said no chain nades, but noone was chainnading. He went into specs, I was completely aware of that but I still threw the regular nade set of 2 flashes and a nade at the place and bought another for the round and moved on after 1-2 rounds of spec he slapped me like shit with 5 damage X 14 times, do the maths, and for what ? For throwing flashes ? And when you get treated like that for not so legit reason, one gets frustrated.

I started off with an abuse and told him that 2 flashes and a nade is not a chain nade, he too replied with his ego intact in hud chat, unfortunately that doesn't show up in console logs or else you'd have seen his replies too. I was asking him this only that if he considers a complete set as chain nade but before I could finish voila! I was banned guess who banned me ??

Okay I got banned, no big deal, for the appropriate reason "bc teri maan keiya tha chain nade " I suppose this is what you taught them to do if a person "chain nades", the duration on the other hand was "Permanent". I saw that coming from his <wishper> eeeeeggggggooooooo </wishper>.

No hard feelings for that, n dont think of it as a ban dispute. It's a legit suggestion, take some time and make your admins litereate on terms and technology they use to so called rule the servers as per their will.

I saved the whole console log history, you know just in case I need to prove what I said was actually a genuine incident or not. Seriously, put in some effort, or else keep banning steamers for shitty reasons like his's.

Adios, hope this feedback helps you improve your server and the behaviour of your admins towards people who are not so well known on your servers.