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by Uk_shotty_
Nov 08, 2010 6:42 PM
yes i got my mail
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by Cptblobs
Oct 28, 2010 4:15 PM
General Discussion
Category: General Discussion
by Cptblobs
Oct 28, 2010 4:13 PM
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by Midgetuk
Oct 26, 2010 5:11 AM
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Battlefield free3play
When EA unveiled Battlefield Heroes at the turn of 2008 it couldn't have been more different from its more po-faced inspiration if it tried; an exaggerated shooter with aggressively stylised characters cheerfully lining up headshots, while its fundamentals were familiar its aesthetic suggested that EA wanted to keep this offshoot ringed off from the series proper.

Battlefield Play 4 Free, a new addition that builds upon Heroes' model, is different. The middle-Eastern setting is familiar, as are the loadouts, the classes available and the weapons to hand – here the lines are being blurred, and it's one step closer to being a serious addition to the Battlefield range.

Not that Heroes' light-hearted approach is to be laughed off, and for many of its six million registered users its serious business indeed. They needn't worry about their own beau, as Heroes will continue for the foreseeable future, and so healthy is the market for free-to-play shooters that EA is confident it can support two like-minded games.

In the free-to-play space, Battlefield Play 4 Free is certainly distinct, and it benefits from the finest of heritages. Battlefield 2 provides the foundation – the engine used is a highly tweaked version of that which powered the 2005 original, which should ensure it'll be friendly to the weaker processors of netbooks and laptops – and also provides much of the content.

Maps are refined takes on the classics from Battlefield 2, with the expansive Kubra Dam hosting this first reveal. It's handsome and sturdy enough, and contemporary effects such as a liberal use of film grain help elevate it above the original, as does the importing of assets from the more recent Bad Company games.

It's not just the weapons that have made the jump from Battlefield's populist spin-off either, as many of the game's underlying mechanics will ring a bell with those who've been fragging their way through DICE's 2010 sequel. The four classes from Bad Company 2 – Assault, Engineer, Medic and Recon should you need reminding – form the core and they're all privy to a level-up system.

The nature of Battlefield Play 4 Free means that progression through the ranks can be oiled with a little of your own money, though the nature of the paid for items won't differ fundamentally to those available in Battlefield Heroes; they're largely aesthetic, and those that do proffer an advantage offer only a slight one.

And Battlefield Play 4 Free's more sombre outlook means that Pirate outfits will be nowhere to be seen. Instead it'll be about upgrades that are true to the modern combat genre, whether that's an extra weapon slot or a personalised weapon stock – and to that end Battlefield Free 4 Play will be offering fully customisable avatars.

In the heat of a skirmish it's all heart-warmingly recognisable. The one game mode being shown is Battlefield's staple Conquest, and the action that ensues is the same brilliant mesh of vehicular and infantry combat as T-92 Tanks and F-35 Fighter Jets face off while foot soldiers battle in their midst.

As a light and of course cost free take on Battlefield, then, it's looking more than adequate, and the shift in focus from the light hearted thrills of Heroes should find it a new audience – and if the series' core fans needed any encouragement, the fact that achievements in Free 4 Play will unlock content in the imminent Battlefield 3 will surely be all the incentive they need. It's currently slated for a closed beta at the end of the month which will open up early next year.
Nov 08, 2010 4:49 PM
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