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Game Me + New Server
Game Me + New Server

I decided to buy game me stats for the servers because I feel we are ready for it and adding a new server to Ds community
The Servers listed below here have the game me stats and ready to be installed
As for the new server, me and Bossy are making something. We don't know for sure if we are keeping it has
(Hide N Seek). Also I'll be boosting 2 servers (Weekly) So below comment on what server we should boost. Thanks

Game Me

[Ds] | Dust2 24/7 | 1000 FPS
[Ds] | Small Soldiers | 1000 FPS
[Ds] | The Dark Zone | 1000 FPS
[Ds] | Bhop Kz-Arg | 1000 FPS
[Ds] | Zombie Plague | 1000 FPS
[Ds] | Old School | Steam Only | 1000 FPS
Posted by bossy21   0 Comments
Sep 09, 2016 6:08 PM
Incident Today With Bans - New Site Intro Page
First and foremost I want to take the time to apologize to everyone, registered user, guest, member, admin, and so on.... EVERYONE. I am apologizing on behalf of kasper.... Apparently he came into our community posted a couple of times and even created a signature and banner with our name. He went on and applied for admin and actually met all requirements except for a few. He received a vouch and I approved him as admin on Dust2.

Unfortunately, this guy apparently has a community and decided to ban everyone from the server. When I say everyone well I mean it. He then decided to spam his server IP in the server and in chatbox.

What is really stupid is. He bans people and advertises his IP... How can anyone see it if they are getting banned at the same time? Well, I guess kasper has no marbles in his head.

The good news is @bossy, @Merryweather and I were able to take of the situation quickly. Afterwards, Dust2 was full again, within minutes, and I noticed a lot of players who were banned came back. We also showed a flux in online users on our site, during that time, which is good as well.

So I have to thank kasper for bringing more people to the site. Even though it was a negative reason at least we got more people hitting the site.


Now, I have decided to throw together a intro page to the site. something a little different. When you come to the idea is to be greeting with a welcome page with a intro movie. I have created a beta version and hopefully I can get some inside and ideas on what you think needs to be added or changed.

Quick note: I did not create the video. I do not know who did. I just converted it to flash.

Here is the testing link here:

Thank and enjoy,
Posted by bossy21   0 Comments
Sep 09, 2016 6:07 PM
The Time Has Come - [Ds] Has Opened It's First Server!
The Time Has Come
- [Ds] Has Opened It's First Server! -

Just as the title reads. We have OPENED our first server. We welcome all to come and enjoy the server and please invite your friends.

That being said. Server Admin Applications are now OPEN. Please feel free to read the "Server Admin Requirements" and also the "Server Rules & Regulations" before applying.

Server Rules & Regulations: Click Here

Server Admin Requirements: Click Here

Application Form: Click Here

Server Information:
Name: [Ds] de_dust2 24/7
IP Address:

[Ds] Administration
Posted by bossy21   0 Comments
Mar 10, 2016 1:25 AM
As you all know [Ds] Dark Soldiers is now back online. If you have not noticed by now, you can see noticeable changes on the site. One being the theme.

The site is coming along. Slowly but surely.

We need everyone to start telling their friends to come and help build the Community. First thing is to sign up and register on the forum and the other is apply to become a Member. From there the more members we gather the faster the Community will grow.

I have taking a lot of time out to edit most of the site with colors and other small features through out. I am not a wise at Photoshop but at least we now have a banner and user rank badges. Also, Bossy was able to get Country flags on and some other small changes through out as well.

More Updates soon!
Posted by bossy21   0 Comments
Feb 27, 2016 5:38 AM
There are no servers assigned to this clan.
About Us
[DS] Gaming Community
[Ds] Gaming welcomes everyone who is interested in building a STRONG Community with other gamers.

We will ALWAYS be accepting new Members. However, there are a couple requirments that we look for in our new Members.

They are
1. Mature, to handle issues maturely.
2. Have Fun, enjoy yourself in forums and servers.
3. Positive, be as positive as you can be.

Still Interested? We hope you are! Now head on over and fill out the Application!

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