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Forum Home > General Discussion > Banned...really...
Jul 03, 2013 5:47 PM
Non-member Joined: Jul 03, 2013
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wow...I try to join your TNT Caspian server and it tells me I've Been banned for attacking the base...really...perhaps someone would like to tell me when, exactly, I was doing this? Is there some sort of proof? I'm sure if you read the chat you will see more than one complaint, by me, about the opposing team baseraping...Evidently I was banned after after the fact, because no-one ever said a word to me in response to my complaints, nor towards the alleged baseraping on my part...which I did not do...Why didn't this admin respond to me when I asked for one???? Why didn't He/She warn me, or at least tell I was being banned, and finally, why was I not banned than and there? Why was I banned after I left??? Don't worry..I am just venting now..I no longer desire to play on your server anyway...There are plenty of servers without abusive admins in the browser....Have a good one!! laters!