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1st Marine Raider Battalion
9th (97th pctile)
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1st Marine Raider Battalion
--Public Lobby--
Scuttlebutt Table
American Forces NetworkCompany Radio Station
----Day of Defeat----
AaronKatOnline: 2 hours 36 minutes 26 seconds Ping: 29
AbsoluteOnline: 1 hour 42 minutes 35 seconds Ping: 41
Public Server208.167.243.207:27015
Private Server - Realism8.6.77.142:27015
PT BarracksUnit Training
Drill Instructor's OfficeDo Not Disturb
Test Room I
Test Room II
-----Other Games------
Table I
Table II
Table IIIQuiet
-----BAR Lounge-----
BAR Debriefing Lounge
Imp's Garage
FuBAR Briefing Room
Cl!ck's Chilling Pad
--1st Marine Raider Battalion--
Battalion Quarters
Creative StudioMaking Shit
Tun Tavern
The Gunny's LoungeSergeants Quarters
The Old Devil Dog BarRetiree Lounge
A. Kirkendall [1st MRB]ADMINOnline: 14 minutes 55 seconds Ping: 44
----Battalion CP----
Capt. McDowell's OfficeBattalion X.O.
Maj. Quarterman's OfficeBattalion C.O.
Officer's Lounge
Conference RoomAdjutant Meetings Sundays @ 4PM EST
AFKAway From Keyboard
J. Fowler [1st MRB]Online: 2 days 2 hours 35 minutes 4 seconds Ping: 49
C. Marsden [1st MRB]ADMINOnline: 2 days 2 hours 11 minutes 25 seconds Ping: 64
Englebretson [1st MRB]ADMINOnline: 17 hours 44 minutes 40 seconds Ping: 32
Z. Duckers [1st MRB]ADMINOnline: 19 minutes 3 seconds Ping: 133