Horizon Gaming
413th (94th pctile)
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Horizon Gaming
[GD] J.Stock
[HSIU] Sgt. N. Rivers
Public Channels
General Chat 1
[GD] Ofc. T. Flum
Akane Junko
General Chat 2
General Chat 3
General Chat 4
General Chat 5
General Chat 7
General Chat 6
General Chat 8
Music Channel
Other Games
Call Of Duty
Waiting Room
Team 1
Team 2
PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds
Killing Floor
Flash Games
Bad Eggs 2
Guild Wars 2
League of Legends
Team 1
Team 2
Counter Strike
Counter Terrorists
Community Help Center
Request Help / Questions and Answers
Graphics Design Team
GDT Chief - Negan
Waiting Room
Assistant GDT Chief - Vacant
Assistant GDT Chief - McDean
Video Design Team
VDT Chief - Vacant
Advisory Council Meeting Area
Mapping Team
Mapping Team Lounge
Chief Mapper Soloman Robinson
Waiting Room
Waiting Room
Special Channels
Famed Lounge
Ruby Lounge
Sapphire Lounge
Diamond Lounge
Vintage Channel
Old School Lounge
Former Admin Lounge
Administrative Assistance
Teamspeak Issues
In-game Issues
Forum Issues
Pending Admin
Speaking to an Admin
Horizon Gaming Staff
Admin Lobby
Josh Sols
Admin Meeting
Senior Admin Meeting
Admin Lounge
Management Offices
Zhao's Office
Will's Office
Wu Ming's Office
Takeo's Office
Delano's Office
Giron's Office
Wolf's Office
Callum's Office
Head Admin Offices
Leroy's Office
Eduardo's Office
Valerio's Office
Jad's Office
Dave's Office
Lewis' Office
Robinson's Office
Smol's Office
Dash's Office
Senior Admin Offices
Cristian's Office
Kyle's Office
Bone's Office
Alan's Office
Joey's Office
Steven's Office
Van's Office
Athos' Office
Horge's Office
Curtis' Office
Laquisha's Office
Siskos' Office
Aashib's Office
Horizon Roleplay Gangs
1.) Mara Salvatrucha XIII
Leadership discussions
2.) Grove Street Families
Grove Kings Room
3.) Liang Shan
4.) Peaky Blinders
5.) Long Beach Hustlers
6.) The Black Hand Triads
7.) Hilltop Headhunters
8.) Pistoleros Latinos
9.) Bayside Racers
10.) The Syndicate
11.) The Vendetta
Horizon Roleplay Factions
Faction Meeting Room
Joint Ops ~ Turf
1.) Los Santos Police Department
(50th) Wall of Previous Police Chief's
Police Plaza, Pershing Square
Recruitment Office
FTO Lounge
Interview Room 1
Interview Room 2
Training Room 1
Training Room 2
Exam Room 1
Exam Room 2
High Command Offices
✰✰✰✰ Leon Stansfield, Chief of Police
Office of Chief Advisor Ray Carter
[ADM] Lt. Ray Carter
Waiting Room
✰✰✰ Adam Paterson Asst. Chief of Police
Waiting Room
▯-▯ James Conway, GD Captain
Waiting Room
▯-▯ Johanna Stark, OPS Captain
Waiting Room
▯-▯ Leroy Sage, ADM Captain
Waiting Room
Bulletin Board
-------- TAZER RULES --------
Internal Affairs | Complaint Form
Department Radio
Usergroup Policy
Dispatch & other factions
Vehicle Force Matrix
Central Communications
[ADM] Asst Chief.A.Paterson
1.) Central Dispatch [RTO: Passive]
[GD] Lt. Martin Sawyer
[IA]Lt. Johnny Dixon
[GD] Ofc. K. Stern
[GD]Lt. A. Jackson
[HSIU] Sgt. D. Crooks
[IA] SGT. S. Hugh
[FTO] Ofc. A. Zarkov
[GD] Ofc. T. Samuel
[GD] Cpl. T. Carson
[GD]Cdt. Conroy
2.) Joint Operations
3.) Special Operations
4.) Training Operations
5.) Internal Affairs
6.) Leon's Sex Dungeon (AFK)
Division Command Offices
General Duties
Lieutenant - Martin Sawyer
Lieutenant - Anton Jackson
Lieutenant - VACANT
Special Weapons and Tactics
SWAT Lieutenant - Nabil Merc
SWAT Sergeant - Griffin Garrett
SWAT Sergeant - Jacky Shock
SWAT Training
High Speed Interception Unit
HSIU Lieutenant - Robert Hartmann
HSIU Sergeant - VACANT
Field Training Operations
FTO Lieutenant - Karu Shinjuku
FTO Sergeant - Charlie Lights
FTO Sergeant - Boogie M Corleone
Internal Affairs
IA Lieutenant - Johnny Dixon
IA Sergeant - Shaun X Hugh
2. Federal Bureau of Investigation
Bulletin Board
FBI Radio Frequencies
Operative Channel [205.515KHz]
FBI Lobby & Waiting Room
[203.126 KHz] FBI - Tactical Operations
[204.183 KHz] FBI- Undercover Operations
[202.512 KHz] FBI - On-Duty frequency
FBI | Management Offices
☆☆☆☆☆ Director Adam Weisel
Waiting Room
☆☆☆☆ Assistant Director James Brown
Gang Unit Division [G.U.]
[G.U.] ☆☆☆ Director James Brown
[G.U.] ☆☆Asst. Director Daniel Lissing
Criminal Investigation Divison
[CID] ☆☆ Director Haris sabic
[CID]☆☆ Asst. Director David D. Campbell
Major Crimes Division [MCD]
[MCD] ☆☆☆ Director Jamie Shiels
Waiting Room
[MCD] ☆☆ Asst. Director Raul Smith
National Academy [N.A.]
[N.A.] ☆☆☆ Director Lawrence Rodriguez
[N.A.]☆☆Asst.Director TBA
Starbucks - Off Duty (( AFK ))
3.) Los Santos Fire & Medical Department
Waiting Room
Pending Interview
Pending Invite
Pending Reinstatement Exam
Recruitment status [OPENED]
Interview Room #1
Interview Room #2
Exam room
Training and Recruitment Room [#1]
Training and Recruitment Room [#2]
McDonald's Star Buck's (AFK)
LSFMD Bulletin Board
FMD Relations Moderator
169.010 kHz | Dispatch (RTO)
170.010 kHz | Civilian Radio
Offices of High Command
☆☆☆☆☆ Chief Edward DeMario
Waiting Room
[IA] ☆☆☆☆ Assistant Chief Sameer Sajjad
Waiting Room
[HR] ☆☆☆ Supervisor Chief Fablo Wise
Waiting Room
[LF] ☆☆☆ Supervisor Chief Grant Ward
Waiting Room
[FES] ☆ Supervisor Chief Stam Greek
Waiting Room
Offices of Division Command
Recieption Room
Internal Affairs
I.A Director Sameer Sajjad
Assistant Director Gio Pete
Waiting Room
Human Resources
HR Commander Aquin Fernando
1st Assistant Commander Angela Williams
2nd Assistant Commander Reden Lamosa
Waiting Room
Life Flight
LF Commander Rohit Majhi
Assistant Commander Zach Williams
Waiting Room
Fire & Emergency Service
FES Commander Reina Izumi
Assistant Commander Ueki Shinjuku
Waiting Room
4.) San Andreas Sheriffs Department
5.) Los Santos Government
6.) San Andreas News
Recruitment Offices
Waiting Room
Pending Interview
Pending Invite
Interview Room 1
Interview Room 2
Administration Offices
Network Producer - Jason Delon
Waiting Room
Asst. Network Producer - VACANT
Waiting Room
H.R Commander - Dianna Gordon
Waiting Room
LSJ Commander - Sarah Paulson
Waiting Room
E&E Commander - Amelia Planeheart
Waiting Room
S&S Commander - Steve Rodvikano
Waiting Room
237.010 kHz | On Duty Dispatch
238.010 kHz | Events & Talkshow Dispatch
7.) ARES Defence Solutions
☠ Waiting Room ☠
☠ Communications Center ☠
☠ High Command Offices ☠
Commander Athos Pennington
Waiting room
Vice Commander - Toni Miller
☠ ELITE Operations ☠
☠ Training Operations ☠
Operative Lounge
Ares Lobby
Dunkin' Donuts - AFK
9.) Hitman Agency
Hitman Radio
Los Santos Companies
1. Vitale Inc.
2. Teiwaz
Department of Management
Office of the President - Alan Mason
Departments office's
3. Khan's Billboards
Office room.
4. Index INC.
5. Black Hand Enterprise
6. Pennington Enterprises
7. Hanako Sangyo Holdings
Private User Channels
Brixton's Office
Waiting Room
Gerald Gallardo's refugee center
Immigration waiting rrom
Jack's Office
Julius' and Haruto's channel
Roy's Tunnel of Love (No homo)
Skengmen only
Jerome's Channel
Jerome Gamble
Stanky Nags
leo turf headquarters
Away From Keyboard (AFK)