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Keep getting a "503 Service Unavaliable" error!
May 06, 2020 6:11 PM
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Since I keep being asked to send an email to CloudFlare to look at this problem, just to obtain my email address to spam it... I am going to post it here so that GT can look in to this frustrating problem...

For at least several days now, I have been having some serious problems both loading GameTrackers website, and being able to see the trackers I have posted on our website, with them all coming up as "server not found" a lot of the time, even though IT IS THERE!!!

This sounds like a major problem on CloudFlares end in Manchester, UK, since I am 120 miles north of London, this would make sense...

What is GameTracker going to do about it?

Here's what I also get...

I have removed my IP address for privacy reasons.
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May 07, 2020 4:18 AM
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Cloudflare is just a middle man between traffic and origin server of Gametracker.

Those errors indicate that cloudflare is unable to complete the request and return the status code of 200 to visitors because Gametracker server is overloaded / crashed / has internal errors or alike and it is not your side problem or cloudflares.

(The location showing is the nearest server cloudflare owns next to your physical location for better latency)
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May 07, 2020 10:10 AM
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CloudFlare are denying it all, and actually laughed when I phoned them and told them what was happening.