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[International/casual/pvp] Last Man Contingent Mutligaming Group
Jan 11, 2017 1:35 PM
Joined: Mar 28, 2016
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The **Last Man Contingent [LMCT]**, is an internationally based multi-gaming community exclusive to the PC and associated with multiple online games. the groups main cause is to provide fun and free haven for those who are wanting unrestricted rules and an organised unity.
The Groups mentality requires members to have a good sense of dark, offensive humour, good team spirit and be able to socialise as sensitive people will not get any special treatment regardless, we do not approve of political correctness nor give a shit. The group consists of members from all over the world, all walks of life and under the LMCT all are equal, every member, commander and the leader will get called out on their bullshit, and trust me, the leaders a cunt.

We Offer the Following:

+ Active & International playerbase
+ Strong presence on Grand Theft Auto V, ARMA 3, Planetside 2 and many more!
+ No gaming restricting/Life restricting rules, we all have jobs...we understand...
+ Freedom of speech, Freedom of expression, hate someone? you tell them!
+ Good humor and team mentality of all members
+ Servers and facilities for you to use as you please
+ Recruiting from many countries and games
+ Large variety of games
+ Random Events upcoming
+ Social Media and Youtube Projects


+ 18+ years
+ Speak Fluent English 'no hablo espanol senior'
+ Working microphone and Teamspeak 3
+ Don't easily offended (you've been warned)
+ F*** modders and hackers, no tolerance for modders/hackers in this group

Want to join? Please apply using our homepage:
[Click me!](