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~xXx~ Harcore BC2 Clan
Sep 09, 2010 3:48 AM
Joined: Aug 06, 2007
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We are a new clan looking for members and players , donations not neccesary ,we have a 28 slot bc2 server currently running squad deathmatch,or rush ,WIN THE CONTEST plans are to have a different chick on the banner each week,got a submission thats cool too. win the contest for your chick pic on our banner and its on for a week or till sum 1 else wins.also check out the different theme for everyday of the week softcore sundays and WW2 weapon wednesdays stuff like that, intrested intrested in joining or just want more info, check out our website its still under construction so sugestions are welcome,thanks again
~xXx~SUPERSTAR~ Clan founder,Head Admin.
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Jul 14, 2014 11:07 PM
Joined: Jul 14, 2014
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Sup Superstar, don't know if you are ever going to read this.

Hey man, it's Little X or X-COM ZERO, I use Nexzor now hit me up an invite on steam xcomzero98 or origin if you still play games. Be good to catch up.

Oct 21, 2022 11:10 AM
Joined: Aug 06, 2007
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add me on steam superstar187

sry i never came back onto this site for almost a decade bro. we had such good times in bc2. we are playing sandstorm insurgency at the moment now, its got alot of mods.

just seeing this today almost made me tear up as there so many cool ppl from back in the day in bc2 that ive lost touch with over the years.

i cant find you on steam ill try origin next, found u on origin i think, fr sent.

really hope we reconnect man, shit you're probably like 30 now lol
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