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BF 1918 3on3 2012 plez register your Team!
Dec 29, 2011 2:29 PM
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Old traditions should not be forgotten, and certainly not the takes place once a year, driven by inside 3on3 Cup. Therefore, the year 2011 will bring about a time which will be to determine this time on the 8 January 2012.

Attentive reader will have found now a certain incongruent information situation the previous text. The 3on3 Cup held 2011 really in 2012? Not at all! Rather, full takeover brought also the conversion of the inside clock on the by various totalitarian leader figures of in world history of favored Julian calendar with the 1918 world by the DHA clan in the wake of the 2009 Cup. For historical reasons, as well as affront to Cicero, which burns out to repeat his erstwhile their surprise victory and to whet this notch once again. But is also like the: still is the 8th January 2012 in the inside universe necessarily 26 December 2011 to be considered (see this link). As a Christmas present Ernst Friedrich is able to present again until that time also the page in the usual speed.

But enough of the introduction, now the hard facts, which I copy also conscious of tradition only from the last year's news and adjust according to the new circumstances:

Connector 3on3 Cup 2011: Sunday, 8 January 2012 (Gregorian calendar) or Sunday, 26.12. 2011 (Julian calendar) from 16: 30 [gmt]

* 2011 Rules *.

As always, there is only one tournament card to crush big best annoying map tagged friend before the wars in the bud. Each team may give therefore his voice for one of the three following cards. The Siegermap is determined according to the democratic principle and announced a day before the tournament.

-La Grande Bataille
-Vitry classic

The prior notification of a team is required until Friday, Epiphany, 6.1. 2012 (GK), or Friday, Holy evening, 24.1 2011 (JK) midnight! Please simply copy the following ARC, fill out and send to Vellern by PM. Also we can be happy this way with silly questions harass us, yes still emerging.

Team name:
Team leader:
Team members:
Map request::

We determine the exact mode of the tournament on Friday before the tournament, if we can approximately estimate the numbers of participants. Favorite is a codification system like in the previous year, in an emergency, the double-elimination-principle can be applied but again. Recommendations, opinions and discussions, are very welcome in the comment form of this news. The draw will take place on Saturday.

-Tournament rules-

Number of participants: At least three members per team, maximum five. Any team member number are fourth and fifth thus the server player. Each player must be registered only for a team. After the start of the first tournament game the team constellations can be changed also, before this deadline at any time.

Matchdata: Pro match two rounds with each 100 tickets and 10 minutes time limit. Tickets are added at the end of the round and then represent the final result.

Other: due to a tight schedule, player drops fall, as far as not serverside conditionally, under the slogan "Tough luck". In such a case, the match goes further still, the team can immediately connect a substitute from the team pool. Substitutions are allowed at any time. At Servercrash, the round will be opened again new from scratch. The win is included only in a pure clan team (i.e., all participants from the same clan) in the success history inside clan database. Maximum number of teams: 16 (first come, first served). Players, whose preferred football based in of occupies the qualifying for the Champions League, are server-side with a doubling of the ping and constantly pop-up Spee quotations (thematic focus: mass destruction, Russian sluts and Rainforest Ranger) sanctioned by admin-chat.

* 3on3 Cup past winners *.

Winners 2005:-= DHA = - the young Union
Winner 2006: (TAR) Analstahlcrew
Winner 2007:-= DHA = - Rhine watch
2008 Winner: |FF| Life juice Angel of sadness vs. Randy Disher project
The winners of 2009:-= DHA = - Keimania
Winner 2010: HaSiJoMi


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