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Mod Release: BF Heroes 42 v4.0 + FHSW 0.5
Jul 30, 2012 4:07 PM
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Battlefield Heroes 42 v4.0 release

Battlefield Heroes'42 is a total conversion mod that brings Battlefield Heroes maps, vehicles, graphics, weapons and gameplay to the Battlefield 1942 franchise. Now you can enjoy BFHeroes in first person and with full singleplayer/coop support! This mod sits along side the likes of DesertCombat and DC Final in modding achievement so don't let this one pass you by!

v4.0 is here and it's the final release.

Promotional Video of final release:

Picture Power:

Change Log:

[quote]Changes in v4.0:
1. Fixed broken network info for the cannon turret for the bri_boat_elin vehicle.
2. Replaced footstep sounds with BFH ones.
3. Fixed a spawn bug on Alpine Assault that would cause someone to spawn at the wrong flag. A spawnpoint for Wood Camp was linked to the wrong spawn group.
4. Simplified mod version text in main menu. (displayed at bottom right corner)
5. Offset mod version text to the left 10+ pixals to make it line up with the background better.
6. Updated Coastal Clash Winter lightmaps to the new DDS standard.
7. Generated a new minimap for Riverside Rush Nights and Victory Village Nights.
8. Added new AiBehaviors file to improve AI. Tweaks courtesy of Dnamro from BFSP forums.
9. Ported a ton of new statics for use in the new map: Lunar Landing.
10. Ported Lunar Landing and new skydome.
11. Created modified digger tank meshes that are added to tanks on Lunar Landing.
12. Alternate space textures for tanks and jeeps.
13. Made a "Day 2" version of Lunar Landing that features jeeps and tanks and expanded combat area.

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