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FHSW 0.51 Full Release + Next News!
Dec 09, 2012 10:23 AM
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Comrade-in-arms for the first time in nine years

FHSW worthy of the name appeared in the super-heavy tank, the vehicle of a strong impact is the long-awaited!
I have finished in the vehicle towards the senior players are nostalgic somewhere, tastes.

Self-propelled antitank gun / T95 Super Heavy Tank T28
T28 SuperHeavyTank/T95 GunMotorCarriage

In January 1943, the Allies landed to start planning to continental Europe.
I had been thinking in it, and get an impediment to their ability to perform this operation "and Atlantic Wall",
How strong defensive position to listen on mainland Germany and "Siegfried Line" Do you want to break through has been a challenge.
Based on the concept of two defense far more than the firepower that can destroy a tank the U.S. military ever heavy tank in September 1943, will have been deployed in the defense line, the development of a heavy tank new begin.

Is chosen mounted cannon caliber 105mm tank gun 65 T5E1, this gun after it has been adopted in 1928,
It is a refinement as an anti-aircraft gun 105mm tank gun caliber 60 M1 that was produced only from 1938 several dozen gates.
Because you have to prioritize the testing of other new tanks thick armor on the front of the class and body 200mm, two of the three production prototype vehicles were determined,
The prototype vehicle was ordered actually become March 1944.
This vehicle was named T28 super heavy tank, the production of both five prototype vehicles will be ordered for Pacific Car & Foundry Company.
An engine mounted hybrid institutions had been expected from the test results in the T23 tanks equipped with the engine, it will be changed to a mechanical transmission.
Final weight would be about 86t for the class was changed to 300mm, front armor was designed to support the body in four caterpillars.
Also, instead of a gun turret mounted pivotally to the lower position the vehicle, directly gun is mounted at the top of my body.
Near, the name will be changed from T28 to T95 GMC by notice from the weapons station in February 1945 assault guns and self-propelled artillery and tanks rather than look for this.

France succeeded in landing As of June 1944, the threat level is lower than the Allies were also assumes "Atlantic Wall", the need for a T95 but goes further diluted.
Order prototype vehicle would be reduced to two by both the Japanese surrender in August 1945 had been planned for introduction to the Pacific Ocean Front.
Car 2 was able to start the vehicle proving ground test prototype and prototype car is January 1, 1946, will be subject to several studies there.
As self-propelled artillery boasts exceptional thermal performance and protection, T95 from the judgment in performance is said to be equivalent to the heavy tank, however,
The names would have been returned to the super-heavy tank T28 from T95 GMC again in June 1946.
T28 is the prototype of the vehicle was made to rename twice this way, both the one and scrap has become damaged by fire engine during the test run that occurred in 1947.
T28 The development plan is terminated in October 1947 without losing the competition and the development of heavy tank and heavy tank T30 T29, then the mass production.
One of the two prototype vehicles had left, the exhibition has become a vehicle of Patton Tank Museum is now.

It is T28/T95 with two names from history such complex, I want to use mainly the name of the T95 Gun Motor Carridge that was used temporarily after the war in order to avoid confusion with the T-28 medium tank Soviet In FHSW I think.

FHSW T95GMC in the type of combat situation mounted type of transport state after removing the outer crawler, the crawler
Furthermore, there is also a type that can be randomly firing APCR powerful, there are a total of four types of variation.

Like the heavy tank T29, 105mm caliber tank gun armed 65 T5E1 is attached to the front of the vehicle body fixed fighting compartment.
If you have loaded a random APCR that are available only to T95GMC, you will be able to crushing every obstacle in the firepower of a different dimension.
Is also possible to switch between bullet and bullet HE AP, but one less hand loading and loading time compared to the heavy tank T29,
For a wide working space, time virtually unchanged, it is about a slightly slower T95GMC.
In addition, the cupola on the top of the body 12.7mm M2 heavy machine gun is mounted on a single gateway, you can be used to alert approaching enemy infantry and enemy aircraft.
Compared to the heavy tank T29, although there is a somewhat precarious armed, except that pose a threat to true T95GMC is in its armor.

T95GMC near the front of the armor is 300mm, which boasts a performance that fully prevent the mouse and also the Jagd Tiger 12.8cm gun is equipped.
However, the side we will not be only about 50mm around 150mm, with no crawler, you have to protect your weaknesses and make the most of the terrain with poor mobility with the crawler.
40mm is not only the top surface armor, this decision is a 80mm tilt even up to a bomb and rocket aircraft is equipped,
The alert will not be able to even further large-caliber gun.

As described above, for supporting the weight in nearly 90t, mobility is in the lowest level of performance in all forward, backward and turning.
About 0.24 times of Jagdhof Panter, forward speed is almost the same as infantry running speed, turning speed is about 1.4 times the KV-3 if with crawler
Has become almost equal about 0.16 times of Jagd Panther and KV-3 without a crawler.

T95GMC, how I would have been. I think there are advantages and disadvantages compared with the heavy tank T29, strong personality, to be a tank to choose a rider.
I become the prey of the enemy aircraft decay, or overload and destroy the strong fortress of the enemy.
Well as to manipulate the giant tanker, it will be determined by the cooperative spirit of the entire camp.

In addition, a dedicated mini-map icon has been added to the Heavy Tank Destroyer.

This icon is

America: T95GMC
Germany-based General SU-152, ISU:: Soviet Jagd Panther, Jagd Tiger, Ferdinand / Elephant Hungary: Tank Destroyer status

I'm scheduled to be implemented.