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Battlefield 1942 inside News JAN 2013 for U!
Jan 23, 2013 10:18 AM
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Hi folks!

For a long time there have been no news about EoD, but as mentioned some months ago we're working on a new thing.

>>We<< is primary me, Lotte, last man standing in the dev team at the moment.
Jackson, ike and Trahn Lee want to follow later perhaps, Killboy sadly has left the team without any comments.

Well, what about the new thing...?
EoD will break away from Battlefield and get a commercial stand-alone game on a new game engine with complete new content and it's own code.

The game engine is Unity 3D and for some impressions about the possibilities you may watch these videos in fullscreen and High Quality:

Tropical Jungle Demo
The Butterfly Effect

or play some demos on the Unity 3D website (Gallery / Made with Unity |_ or _| Gallery / Unity Demos)

Nice, isn't it?

Of course this is a monster-project for one person and I'm not able to do everything on my own so a lot of things must be bought, for example models, animations and network code.
And to scale down the expectations: it will not be a game like the big gamestudios create in a year, but perhaps a game with fun and nice gameplay and with moderate system requirements.

And it will not be just a copy of the old game. There will be many new things, new controls, new effects, new gameplay things and much more, so it will take a long time to get all these things running. But the target is 2013.

Unity can build the game for PC, Mac, Linux, xBox, Wii, iOS, Android, Webbrowser and some more, but the main attention is getting the game run on PC, Mac, Linux and Webbrowser. Console perhaps - if there are no technical obstacles.

I'm working on the side on this project since october 2012 and double-fulltime since january and have learned a lot, so I'm pretty sure to get this little baby alive some day. And because of that I've cancelled my job (after 20 years) for a big american automaker. This was one risky step for me, one giant step for mankind

Because of all the work that has to be done, there won't be much informations in the next months so please be patient and use the forums for questions and suggestions. You may talk english or german in the forums.

If you just want to contact or support or sponsor me in any way please send a mail to !

Of course the game will get a new website cause it's no modification anymore and once the gamestudio was founded and all the bumf is done it will be posted here and this site ( will be frozen.

Hope to see you in the new jungle some day and duck if your hear a loud voice saying it: enemy spotte lotted!


PS: Informations about the new game will be on the mentioned new website, not here.

Ok, one simple 5% WIP shot from 'We Were Soldiers Once' with day-night effect in a 30 min. timeline:

Ich finde die Idee und die Bilder sehr gut.
Die beiden Videos hab ich mir auch angeschaut.
Da steckt richtig Leben drin.
Die Stadt ist wie ein Kino Comic Animiert und der Wald im 2. Video sieht schon verdammt echt aus.
Für dass das es von März 2012 stammt echt sehr gut.
Die ganze Technik entwickelt sich ja ständig weiter.
Aber zum Spielspaß ist das völlig ausreichend und sieht Klasse aus.
Bin mal auf die ersten Effekte und Maps von EoD 3 gespannt.

Die aktuelle Eve of Destruction 2.51 Mod für BF 1942 ist aber auch schon sehr gut geworden!

Hier kannst du Eve of Destruction 2.5 + 2.51 Hofix kostenlos downloaden:

[quote]Name: [hslan] EoD Classic 2.51
Game: Battlefield 1942
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Jan 23, 2013 10:21 AM
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Hi, All FH-Fans

BIG NEWS ! ! ! !

SOON we will Release

***MAPPACK 5***

for YOU!

Download Information will be announced!

Konnte Leider keine Bilder zu den Maps finden.
Die News hab ich vom Pixel Portal:
Jan 23, 2013 10:23 AM
Joined: Dec 05, 2008
Posts: 228

A new deadly secret weapon for the American forces and yet another SWoWWII vehicle will celebrate its comeback in FHSW! Flakpanzer IV Wirbelwind + T77 MGMC

Flakpanzer IV Wirbelwind

As the Allies gained more and more air superiority the German Wehrmacht was desperately in need of a mobile AA gun. The first attempt is known as the Möbelwagen which proved to be effective but the crew was very exposed to enemy fire. Because of that a successor was built where the crew sits in an armoured turret – the Wirbelwind.

As a Battlefield 1942 player you might know this vehicle from the offical addon "Secret Weapons of WWII" so it was about time to also have it in FHSW.

It’s armed with the 2 cm Flakvierling 38 which is already in the mod as static AA gun. It’s very deadly against all air units as well as infantry and light armored ground vehicles but you should of course avoid any confrontation with tanks. The main downside of the Wirbelwind is the small magazine capacity of only 20 rounds per barrel which forces frequent and time-consuming reloads.


The Americans also required a proper self-propelled AA tank. Several attempts were made and the T77 was one of them. It had a fully enclosed turret with six .50 cal brownings mounted. One prototype was constructed and tested in 1945 but by then the .50 cal Browning was considered obsolete against the jet fighters of 1946 and the project was cancelled.

It’s absolutely devastating against airplanes, infantry and unarmoured vehicles, even most of the Japanese tanks can’t withstand its firepower. But the turret is only 15 mm thick so it can also be destroyed relatively easy.

[quote]Do you want to know my conclusion?
This Mod is better than World of Tanks, you have not payments in, and you can choice from 100 of vehicles for free!
You have a round up 2nd world war game with all what a war makes!
Got this FHSW 0.51 Mod!
Better today as morning!
And follow the FHSW Europe events at each Friday and Sunday at 7pm CET!
Hungry for more?

Then please Download the actually FHSW 0.51 Mod for free:
FHSW 0.51
Game: Battlefield 1942
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